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Part 2 - The Prince's Time

The Princes Time (The Queens Thoughts Sequel)


Chapter 1:


Shhh whispered Ebony into Baby Slades ear she bounced him on her hip as she prepared a bottle, It was the 8th month since Slade had died which meant 3 months since Baby Slade was born, She sighed as he cried loudly. Your gonna wake everyone up and no one will like that will they smiled Ebony, Slade sniffled and whimpered and curled up into Ebonys chest. Ebony smiled as Slade slowly drifted off into a deep sleep, She layed him down gently in his cot and sighed as she crawled under her covers and into the warmth of her bed. She drifted off into her sleep again listening to the slow but steady breathing of her son.


Ebony was awakened by the sounds of screaming, She sat up but realized that it wasnt Slade she sighed as she woke herself up. She looked into Slades cot just checking he was still asleep and then left her room.

Whats all the racket? asked Ebony, Some of the mallrats whom had gotten up looked over and just looked knowingly at her more street fighting? asked Ebony, Amber nodded as did the rest of the group. Suddenly Slade began to scream Thatll be my call! smiled Ebony, Lex smiled kindly at her as she left to tend to Slade.

Aww shhh smiled Ebony rubbing Slades back who looked over her shoulder crying ahh youre a wee smelly baby she said, She frowned and layed him down on the cushioned table and changed his nappy.


Listen.but I said NO!! shouted Ebony angrily through the grill Listen theres a trial here tonight okay! shouted Ebony angrily,

But Ebony youre the city leader and we need help! shouted a Loco

Ill be there straight in the morning..I promise said Ebony, Amber and Lex appeared angrily Now do I need to get them to tell you? asked Ebony, The Loco shook his head and left Thanks guys smiled Ebony, Amber and Lex shrugged

We figured you needed some help sighed Amber, Lex nodded in agreement Coming we need to prepare for the trial said Amber, Ebony nodded and followed Amber away.


Okay do I really have to wear a robe, Its stupid isnt it Slade smiled Ebony, Siva laughed and Ebony turned around angrily Really dont laugh said Ebony, Siva shrugged and looked away at her nephew.

Just put it on Ebony sighed Siva, Ebony shrugged and put it on Ill look after Slade if you want smiled Siva

Yeah that would be great but hell probably be sleeping all through the trial smiled Ebony happily But if he wakes up you could see to him smiled Ebony, Siva nodded.


Chapter 2:


Okay so Bray, You admit you almost killed Amber by knocking her to the floor? asked Ebon confidently, Bray nodded and bowed his head You did kill something though you know that? asked Ebony, Bray nodded Her unborn child and her confidence in you! shouted Ebony angrily

Ebony calm down said Jay, Ebony turned and glared at Jay who sat down after his nasty glare

I know, Im sorry whispered Bray I didnt know! Plus, Which NO ONE knows I was drunk sighed Bray, Amber looked at him longingly. Slade screamed and Siva ran off. Ebony looked around nervously as he heard Siva not able to get Slade quiet

Oh Amber its up to you sighed Ebony running off after her son.


I cant get him asleep Ebony! wept Siva, Ebony took Slade off of her

Itll be fine whispered Ebony bouncing Slade gently up and down Hes not hungry!? asked Ebony, Siva shook her head Changed his diaper? she asked, Siva nodded Go back, Wipe your face dont make it look obvious said Ebony, Siva nodded and left Ebonys room.

shhh whats wrong baby whispered Ebony she held Slade close to her chest as he screamed violently.


He still crying asked Zoot, Siva nodded upsettedly Hey, Its not your fault said Zoot, May came down the stairs happily. She stared at Zoot and ran off angrily again

She still angry with you? asked Siva, Zoot nodded
Its not my fault she lied saying it was my kid said Zoot, Siva nodded. Lex entered the café and frowned angrily at Zoot, Siva sighed at the two feuding boys.

How are you Lex? Thrown anyone off balconys rescently? asked Zoot, Lex smirked

Sadly No but its not to late now said Lex, Zoot smirked in reply and left for the hotel.


Chapter 3:

Come on, Lets get you outta here said Ebony, She slipped Slade back into a tight hold in her arms and started Slades old motor cycle.


WHERE THE HELL IS EBONY!! shouted Siva angrily through the mall,

Is she not in her room? asked Amber, Siva shook her head nervously, OKAY EVERYONE START SEARCHING!! shouted Amber ordering everyone around.


Hey smiled Ebony hugging Hawk, He smiled

How are you? asked Hawk, Ebony shrugged as a member took Slade from her arms Your tent, Its ready for you. Just how you like it smiled Hawk, Ebony smiled and wandered through the Ecos she stopped and turned round just as she was about to enter her tent.

Hawk? she said, Hawk turned and faced her and nodded Do you have naming ceremonys? asked Ebony. Hawk nodded I want a name within the Ecos said Ebony, Hawk smiled

Are you sure? asked Hawk

Im still Ebony its just I need to be called something different in the Ecos smiled Ebony, Hawk nodded

Ill arrange something smiled Hawk.


She isnt here sighed Amber

She left a note, on my desk whispered Siva. The Mallrats attention turned towards her No one noticed the bike was missing said Siva Slades old bike gulped Siva

What did the note say? asked Gel

She said shes going away for a while and Ive not to worry cause shes away to theIm not sayingI can send messagesJust stuff like that but shes okay sighed Siva, Everyone sighed in relief.


Dawn whispered Ebony I like it! she said happily But I aint as fresh as Dawn smiled Ebony, She hugged Hawk as he chuckled

You are as fresh as Dawn smiled Falcon, Ebony smiled

Whyd you think of that name? she asked

Well, You said you wanted to start something new here, Dawns the beginning of a new dayright? smiled Hawk, Ebony nodded

Right smiled Ebony.


Shhhh whispered Ebony in Slades tiny ear Shhh she sighed as he fell asleep finally.

He okay? asked Falcon, Ebony nodded. Falcon smiled and entered her tent fully.

Just tired, Its beena longdayFalcon what are youdoing? asked Ebony as Falcon walked towards her and stroked her chin ErFalcon said Ebony moving his hand away and putting Slade in his cot.

Sorry sighed Falcon, Ebony shrugged

Its flattering smiled Ebony, Falcon looked up Really it is sighed Ebony ButI just amntkeen on you said Ebony, Falcon sighed

So he smirked. He kissed Ebonys cheek and left, Ebony stuck on Eyebrow in the air and stuck out her tongue as he closed the tent door

Weirdo she smirked.


Falcon, All Im saying is give her a break okay. We need to tell her our decision lightly sighed Hawk, Falcon nodded and stormed off as Ebony exited her room Morning Dawn smiled Hawk, Ebony smiled and nodded

We havent had the naming ceremony yet laughed Ebony

No not yet, Today though. Ebony therell be another ceremony for you said Hawk

Yes Joining but thats with the naming ceremony said Ebony, Hawk nodded Something else? asked Ebony, Hawk nodded again

You will find out in a couple of hours smiled Hawk, Ebony looked nervous as he walked away, Slade suddenly began to cry. Ebony spun around but a girl was already theyre seeing to him

Hey, I can do that said Ebony

No no, You need to get your energy for the ceremony said the girl Ill look after little cub smiled the girl

Thanks, Did you call him Cub? asked Ebony, The girl nodded Oh whats your name? asked Ebony kindly, The girl smiled happily

OaklyAfter the tree smiled the girl

Hey smiled Ebony kindly, Oakly smiled and let Ebony help her look after Slade or Cub.


Chapter 4:

Ebony are you ready? asked Falcon uncomfortably, Ebony nodded

Ill be right with you, Can you take Slade through? asked Ebony, Falcon nodded and picked up Slade. Ebony sighed and looked in the mirror happily. She felt like an Eco with all the feathers and now just a little flame at the side of her eye instead of the band and a tree design around the other eye, She looked down at her nature clothes still sticking with the red and black she smiled, She liked the added green. She quickly headed out the tent in order to get to the ceremony.


You give away your name, To us, the Ecos you are Dawnand if you accept this water. Hold it, Hold it in your hands smiled Hawk, Ebony accepted the water. Mouse had told her to let it flow into the ground Your not holding it said Hawk.

Itll help the ground smiled Ebony Water helps the plant grow said Ebony, Hawk smiled and nodded.

Welcome to the Eco Tribe but weve got one more ceremony to go through said Hawk, Ebony looked worried No need to be worry, Its an honour. However you dont need to accept explained Hawk, Ebony nodded Will you be the honourable, powerful leader of the Ecos? asked Hawk, Ebony gasped, She smiled happily.

Ill accept said Ebony smiling, The Ecos cheered happily.

YEAH! shouted a happy familiar voice, The Ecos spun around to see the voice,

Mouse! smiled Ebony hppily, Mouse ran up with a note from Siva happily.

Can I stay again for a while, Its fun being a member of 2 Tribes! said Mouse happily, Hawk nodded kindly and Oakly pulled Mouses arm Gently and hugged her.

Okay! Shall we get on with this? asked Hawk smiling, Everyone nodded Dawn you have accepted to be leader of this Tribe, The Eco Tribe. We saw vision through your eyes and protection. You must accept this said Hawk, He held out what looked like shoulder pads but it was what Amber wore on her shoulders when she was leader, Ebony already had on the skirt. The only difference was it was all red, black and green. Ebony smiled as it was placed over her head, The Ecos cheered again.

Can we have a party now? asked Mouse happily, The Ecos laughed and nodded happily.


Slade giggled as Oakly and Ebony danced him about,

We need more batterys for the CD playerIts running out sighed Hawk switching it off. Ebony sighed and hugged Slade happily.

Ebonythe letter smiled Mouse before heading to bed with the others, Ebony nodded.

Thanks. I forgot about it smiled Ebony Night Mouse called Ebony as Mouse walked away.

Night! called Ebony back, Ebony wandered back to her tent and put Slade in his cot. She opened the letter and smiled happily.


Chapter 5:

Dear Ebony,

Things are going well at the mall. I miss you loads but when I heard Mouse was gonna go back to the Ecos for a while so I gave her the letter.

Hows my nephew doing?

Javi says hi! Amber wants to know what the heck your doing away for so long! I have no idea why she actually seems WORRIED about YOU! Sorry that was pretty mean. You know something, Even Jay is like Wheres Ebony! and hes like no no I dont like her never, I hate her and everything yet hes like so Siva have you heard any word from Ebony yet? Cause you know if you have Id love to be the first to know and then winks and its just like yeah buddy me and Java and Hope will be the first to know, Plus you only want her cause Amber has Bray.  Anyway yeah. Contact me soon. Miss you loads. Love you loads.




Chapter 6:

EbonyDawnEbony whispered Mouse, Ebony groaned and turned over in her bed

Mousemouse is that you? asked Ebony sitting up.

YeahI cant sleep sighed Mouse, Ebony smiled and lit her candle.

Come here smiled Ebony, Mouse jumped into Ebonys bed beside her happily.


Where is she Sivaplease begged the guy.

The Ecos gasped Siva in shock.
Right, Dont tell the mallrats okay?! said the guy, Siva nodded and hugged him. He left quickly.


Dawn! shouted Falcon, Ebony ran out her tent quickly,

Falcon! said Ebony in reply.

Your lesson sighed Falcon, Ebony nodded and followed him into the forest.


SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE BEEN KEEPING AN EYE ON THE GRAVES! shouted Amber worriedly, Now someone has stolen Slades body and taken him somewhere! said Amber obviously she was devastated.

They havent stolen his body spoke up Siva, Everyone turned to face her Hes alive, He managed to get out of his grave but was sick. He was found by someone then he came back here a few nights ago looking for Ebony, I told him where to go so he went explained Siva, The mallrats gasped in disbelief Hell almost be there said Siva.


Good, youve already learned practically said Falcon

Ive done it before you know smirked Ebony See you later smiled Ebony, She wandered back to her tent, heading straight for it. Mouse came screaming up to her, Screaming with happiness. Ebony told her to calm down she just smiled but Ebony could make out what she was saying.

Dawn, Theres a guest here to see you sighed Hawk rubbing the back of his head.

OhIs it Siva!? said Ebony happily, Hawk shook his head and Ebony sighed.

Hes in your tent sighed Hawk leaving Ebony, Ebony frowned confusedly and wandered into her tent. The guest turned around and smiled at her. Ebonys mouth dropped open, she began to shake and she screamed happily. She dived on top of him and kissed him passionately.

Hang on, Hang onI thought you where dead said Ebony tears coming out her cheeks with joy, Slade smirked.

Yeah, I was sick really sick. Went out of it for a while coughed then fell into a coma, you thought I was dead. Buried me alive. I managed to crawl out but was still to weak and someone found me and looked after me till I got betterI think 9 months ago explained Slade, Ebony smiled and hugged him again.

Im so glad your okayYOUR ALIVE! screamed Ebony again. Slade kissed her passionately, Ebony pulled away Ill be back in a minute said Ebony. She dived out the tent.


Back! called Ebony about 10 minutes later Herethis is your son smiled Ebony, Slade stood up and took Baby Slade(CUB) from Ebony His names Sladeafter his daddy said Ebony happily, Slade smiled and put his down in the cot.

You know somethingbefore the virusthis is how I imagined it smiled Slade pulling Ebony close into his arms.

Imagined What? asked Ebony leaning her head against his chest happily and smelling him.

The Perfect Family smiled Slade, He put his hands around Ebonys waist. She put her arms around his neck. The kissed passionately.


Chapter 7:

Slade looked down as Ebony slept in his arms, He smiled happily and closed his eyes again.

Ebony groaned and rolled over, She jumped up quickly.

You okay? asked Slade, Ebony looked round at him and nodded and smiled.

Its just I rolled to far and got a fright when I landed on you explained Ebony, Slade laughed.

Are you going back to the mall? asked Slade Its just I wouldnt mind making an appearance explained Slade, Ebony smiled.

Okay but you know Im kinda the Leader here smiled Ebony, Slade shrugged Come here you smiled Ebony, She put her hand round the back of Slades neck and brought him to her and kissed him intimately Come on, wed better get you ready smiled Ebony.

AlreadyIts still so early smirked Slade, Ebony smiled as Slade pushed her back down and kissed her.


But Dawn Please! begged Hawk

Listen Hawk, What I say goes you got that!? shouted Ebony And Anyway Im coming back okay! I wouldnt be leaving Cub with you if I wasnt! explained Ebony, Hawk sighed.

Take care of him Oakly, Oh and Mouse you got any messages? called Ebony, Mouse smiled and shook her head Okay see you all in a week or 2 smiled Ebony Hawkstop worrying sighed Ebony. Hawk smiled and shook Slades hand. Ebony and Slade began to walk away, Ebony turned round.

WAIT! she called,

What!? asked Hawk.

Ill take Cub smiled Ebony, Slade smiled as Oakly ran up and handed her Cub Okaywe can go now smiled Ebony putting Cub into what looked like a backpack.


Im so tired groaned Ebony

HereIll take him till we get therelook were close smiled Slade, Ebony nodded.


Siva groaned and rolled overShe sighed and looked at a picture of Ebony and baby Slade. She jumped up quickly as she heard loud banging on the grill. She ran downstairs and stopped with a smile.

EBONY! she smiled. She opened the grill as the other mallrats came downstairs.

Hey smiled Ebony hugging Siva. Slade came in holding Cub in the backpack thing and smiled at the mallrats.

You where telling the truth said Amber in shock. She ran down and hugged Slade along with the others. Jay looked over at Ebony and sighed as he shook Slades hand. Ebony frowned at Jay and pulled him aside.

Hes alivegonna start looking HAPPY! she snapped, Jay shook his head.

He got the girl sighed Jay.

Hes the father of my son! shouted Ebony, The mallrats went quiet and stared at the two, Slade stepped forward.

I should have been that childs father snapped Jay.

No you shouldnt haveyou should be truthful to TRUDY! And you wanna know somethingIf my son was ever made by you, I would have disowned him! snapped Ebony, She walked off up the stairs. Trudy stared at Jay in pain as Slade followed Ebony.


Hes just an immature manwhore sighed Ebony, Slade laughed.

That might be a little harsh he smiled, Ebony shrugged and kissed Slade softly.

SorryId better go check up on the Locos sighed Ebony, Slade sighed and nodded and moved away See you smiled Ebony Oh Slade smiled Ebony, Slade looked up and smiled.

What? he asked

Well stay smiled Ebony.



Chapter 8:

A Year and a half past and the Tribe was doing perfectly except for the odd feud and Slade Jr. Well he was doing just fine.


Hey Slade smirked Lex What you up to? he asked, Slade smirked back

What do you want Lex? asked Slade sipping a drink at a café table.

To talk sighed Lex, Slade smirked Can I have a drink? asked Lex grabbing the bottle from Slade and pouring some for himself, Slade shrugged Hows Ebony treating you? asked Lex.

Like Honey smirked Slade.

And your kid? asked Lex.

SameWere great smiled Slade Thanks for your concern smirked Slade, Slade stood up abruptly and left Lex in the café.


Shhhh smiled Ebony as Slade Jr. threw a top building block at the bottom of the bed.

Mummy! giggled Slade Jr. Ebony smiled and pulled him up into her arms.

Ebony said Ram entering her and Slades room.

Hey smiled Ebony, Ram sighed You okay? asked Ebony as Ram sat down on the couch uncomfortably. Ram nodded.

No your notwhats wrong? asked Ebony,

Its Javashe didnt come home last night explained Ram.

She didnt? Did you have a fight or something? asked Ebony, Ram nodded What about this time? smirked Ebony.

It is no laughing matter Ebony. It was pretty serious said Ram desperatly.

Fineyou should know Java is a little extravagant over everything glared Ebony

EBONY! shouted Ram, Slade entered the room.

Whats your problem eh Ram? asked Slade as Ebony put down Slade Jr. to see his dad.

I was trying to confide in her! snapped Ram standing up


You think she wants to listen about Java? asked Slade Thats like one of her least favorite people! snapped Slade.

I am here you know Slade? I have a name! snapped Ebony at Slade Come on baby, Lets get you some dinner sighed Ebony taking Slade Jr.s hand and heading out the room.

Ramyou know what shes like when it comes to Java sighed Slade rubbing his head.
Yeah well I thought you know people change when they have kids. I thought she wouldnt react so weird sighed Ram.

Yeah well, She didnt change that much. Shes still her except now she is morefeminine explained Slade See you later he sighed.


Chapter 9:

mmmmm giggled Slade Jr. gulping down some food.

Yeah.yummy smiled Ebony putting another spoonful in his mouth. She sighed and rested her head aginst her hand. Slade appeared behind her.

Hey he said, Ebony groaned and looked away from him and at Slade Jr. Ebony come onI was trying to stick up for you said Slade.

Oh and basically telling him that I Hated my own sister!? snapped Ebony standing up and facing him Well go on Slade, tell me you didnt mean it said Ebony. Jay, Amber and Trudy made their way up the stairs and stopped as they watched the fight.

I DIDNT MEAN FOR IT TO HURT YOU! shouted Slade back desperately AND I DID NOT MEAN IT LIKE THAT! said Slade snapping.

How did you mean it then? That I really dislike my sister? snapped Ebony,

NO! That you just dont always get along OKAY!? snapped Slade.

Here Ebony.Ill take Slade said Trudy.

NO Trudy.Im fineIm just leaving sighed Ebony, She picked up Slade Jr. and headed out the café. Slade slammed himself down on a café seat angrily.

Slade said Jay uncomfortably, Amber smirked as Jay tried to talk to Slade.


Ebony bounced Slade Jr. up and down gently, He began to nod off to sleep. She layed him down gently in his bed, She groaned and walked away from Slade Jr, Bray Jr and Bradys room. She walked into her room and yawned, Slade sat on the bed timidly waiting on her.

Hey Ebony sighed, Her heart beat grew faster as she avoided eye contact.

You know that was our like only ever fight weve had said Slade, Ebony smiled slightly but carried on ignoring Ebony Im sorry, I didnt mean it like the way you thought I did seriously sighed Slade, Ebony looked at him and sighed.

Sladesometimesyou justI dunno I guess you need to watch what you say okay? I have smiled Ebony, Slade smiled. He stroked her cheek gently. They kissed passionately.


Chapter 10:

Ebony happily wandered into the café.

You look happy smiled Trudy, Ebony smiled.

Its amazing what a bit of sleep can do smiled Amber,

Yeah.It works miracles smiled Ebony, She sat down happily and grabbed some cereal.

Wheres Slade!? asked Mouse entering the café.

Slade Jr. Is having a daddy looking after him day today smiled Ebony explaining. Trudy and Amber laughed.


Slade came out the room uncomfortable carrying Slade Jr.

Awww What a cute picture laughed May and Salene, Amber, Trudy and Ebony laughed as Slade smirked and stuck out his tongue, Slade Jr. giggled.

Here hold him for a minute would you smiled Slade handing Slade Jr. to Mouse.

NO MOUSE DONT! shouted Ebony laughed, Slade ran away down the stairs. Ebony laughed and ran down after him. She grabbed his arm and pulled him back up Take your son smirked Ebony taking Slade Jr. off Mouse and handing him to Slade. Slade smiled and kissed Ebonys cheek then Slade Jr.s forehead. Amber, Trudy, Salene and May smiled at the happy family.

Righto, Im off to have some breakfast with my son smiled Slade. Ebony smiled as she watched Slade make breakfast still holding and talking to Slade Jr. Ebony smiled again. Trudy, Amber, Salene, May and Mouse slowly made their way out the café.


Ebony wandered over to Slade and put her hand gently on his cheek. She brought him close and kissed him passionately.

Ooooo! smiled Gel entering the café with Ellie, Ellie laughed as Trudy, Amber and Salene entered. Ebony smiled embarrassedly and kissed him quickly.

Love you! shouted Slade as she left, Ebony turned round her face alight, She smiled as everyone stared happily at the two. She laughed.

Im off to work, Love you too smiled Ebony laughing, She carried on down the steps.

Aww are you getting married!? Can I be bridesmaid!? asked Mouse happily, Slade smiled and laughed.

Maybe some day Mouse, Maybe some day smiled Slade.


Chapter 11:

EBONY! CAN I BE YOUR BRIDESMAID!? called Mouse loudly entering Ebony and Slades room, Ebony looked at the wee girl confused.

What!? she asked, Mouse giggled.

When you and Slade get married smiled Mouse Can I be your bridesmaid? Ebony smiled.

Erm.Sure whenever we get married said Ebony smiling but uncomfortably. Mouse giggled and ran off. Ebony smirked and looked at the picture of Slade holding Slade Jr. What you up to Slade? asked Ebony smiling at the picture.


Slade laughed as he punched the punching bag one last time.

Right, Ive had enough of that smirked Slade, Lex laughed and carried on hitting the bag. Slade made his way to the café. As he arrived he sat down. Ebony entered.

Ah, Just the man Ive been planning to see smirked Ebony, Everyone else in the café turned round and stared at Slade and Ebony Whats this I hear about us getting married? asked Ebony, Slade spun his head and looked at Mouse, She giggled and ran off.

Mouse got the wrong end of the stick explained Slade, Ebony smiled.

How? asked Ebony, Slade smirked

Well.She asked me if we where getting married and if we where could she be a bridesmaid and I said maybe one day explained Slade. Ebony laughed.

Oh thats okay then smiled Ebony, The mallrats all sighed with relief and went back to what they where doing Now, Wheres my son? asked Ebony looking around the café.

With Siva smiled Slade, Sorry, I gave up laughed Slade. Ebony smirked and suck her tongue out at him.


Oh can I not just look after him for the rest of the day said Siva You and Slade can have some quality timealone together smiled Siva, Ebony smiled

Fine, See you tomorrow then hun smiled Ebony, She kissed Slade Jr.s forehead and then winked quickly at Siva See you smiled Ebony, She left Sivas room.


We have a child free night tonight smiled Ebony twiddling with the collar of Slades jacket, Slade smiled and kissed her forehead Your gonna say something like I cant come arent you? sighed Ebony, Slade shook his head.

No I can come but right now I need to go to the hotel and loot the computer gear, or the remander of it smiled Slade, Ebony grabbed her jacket.

Ill come smiled Ebony Ill help you carry it smiled Ebony, Slade nodded and zipped up his jacket.


This place gives me the creeps said Ebony shivering, She zipped her coat up more.

SameIt reminds me of Mega sighed Slade Come on, Ram said look on the top floor said Slade Check the control room first though

Okay said Ebony following Slade through the corridors Should we split up? asked Ebony, Slade stopped quickly. Ebony walked up beside him.

No, Dont move from my side said Slade worriedly, Ebony looked around nervously.

Shall I turn on the lights? asked Ebony, Slade nodded. Ebony flicked the switches. The lights flashed on but the place was still creepy, The tables lay up turned and chairs hanging over the tables This was my hotel! They ruined it! snapped Ebony out loud,

Still is your hotel smirked Slade

It isnt funny Slade, I loved this place sighed Ebony, Slade smiled.

Grab those lap tops said Slade. Ebony grabbed the lap tops quickly and flung some disks and components into her bag. Here Ill take the lap top smiled Slade, Ebony handed him the lap top and moved onto the TV screens.

Hang on, Dontmove any of that said Ebony

Why? asked Slade

Well because 1, youll need a truck for all of that and 2 I think I might come back and live in the hotel smiled Ebony, Slade looked at her. His eyes widened.

Your not even joking! said Slade in shock.

What do you mean? asked Ebony

Our Son grew up in the mall, We cant move him said Slade

We lived in the Ecos for a while said Ebony desperately.

So that was barely any time at all, Ebony we can use this. Zoot can move back in here with the Loco guards for us but we cannot move from the mall said Slade, Ebony sighed and picked up keys from a table.

The keys, there for a cart. We can fit a load in there sighed Ebony, Slade smiled.


Anything else? asked Slade, Ebony nodded.

We never checked the top, and I mean the very top floor sighed Ebony Ill go you stay with the van, cart thing said Ebony.

Okay smiled Slade. Ebony wandered back in the hotel as Slade checked the van.


Anything? asked Slade as Ebony came out, She carried hundreds of things.

Does it look like Ive got anything? asked Ebony smiling, Slade smiled as she put it in the cart Come on lets get ithome smiled Ebony.


Chapter 12:

You got a lot of stuff said Ram and Jack

All of it should be useful sighed Ebony

Its Great, Theres like 20 laptops in here said Amber rummaging through the cart.

Yeah and one of thems ours smirked Slade grabbing one.

No Slade said Ram, He grabbed the laptop.

Its fair, he got the gear for you said Lex,

So we get some of it snapped Ebony taking the laptop away from Ram again Oh and Lex honey it wasnt just Slade who got the gear snapped Ebony, She stormed off with a bag of stuff and the laptop.

Oh well done Lex sighed Slade, He took some stuff and headed off after Ebony.


You okay? asked Slade entering his and Ebonys room, She nodded and smiled.

Im just sick of Ram trying to control me and my sisters sighed Ebony, Slade smiled and sat down on the couch in their room.

You know Siva still has Slade Jr. Tonight so Ill make you dinner if you want smiled Slade genuinely, Ebony smiled.

Thatd be nice she said, Slade smiled.

What do you want? asked Slade, Ebony laughed.

Surprise me she smirked, Slade laughed and walked off.


What are you doing Slade? asked Amber biting her lip to stop herself from laughing at Slade struggling to cook.

Trying to make dinner for Ebony and Me said Slade concentrating hard on what he wasnt doing.

Here let me help you smiled Amber What are you.trying to make? asked Amber

Erm.something edible laughed Slade No its that thing in the cook book said Slade.

That Thing laughed Amber Here let me get Trudy too, Shes a great cook smiled Amber kindly,

Thanks smiled Slade in reply.


Ebony smiled into the mirror as she undressed to have her shower happily preparing herself for the dinner.


Trudy laughed as Slade struggled to beat the doe, Amber laughed as she flung somemore flour at him to make it easier.

Okay now shove it in the oven smiled Trudy,

Turn the degree box up to 300 again okay smiled Amber. Slade laid the meal in the oven gently and closed the oven door.

HURRAH! he cheered, Trudy and Amber laughed.

Okay Ill watch it for the next half and hour, You go get yourself ready smiled Trudy kindly. Slade dived into the shower room.


Ebony put on her new outfit and began re-doing her make-up.


Trudy took the meal out the oven and Amber began to make it look lovely on the plates, Slade looked on as Jay laughed and chucked him some after shave. Slade picked up the plates then put them down quickly.

I have to get our room ready! said Slade shocked. Amber winked.

Already done it she smirked, Slade smiled

THANK YOU! he said happily Ill do anything for you now okay? smiled Slade, He grabbed the plates and began to walk to his and Ebonys room.


Ebony re-entered her room, Why had Trudy shoved her away from it for 2 hours. She was ready for the meal, She frowned and entered the room. She suddenly stopped as she saw silk draped gently everywhere, Candles lit everywhere and rose petals on the bed and a vase of roses on her bedside table, She looked in the centre at a gorgeous dinner table with candles in the middle. She smiled and sat down. She sniffed gently as she smelt the smell of the roses all around the room.


Slade made his way carefully but quickly, He entered the room smiling at Ebony in her new outfit.


Ebony stared at the stunning Slade appearing all gorgeoused up. He kindly put a plate infront of Ebony then in front of his place, Then he sat down.

Wow he smiled You look amazing Ebony blushed taking it well.

So do you smiled Ebony and so does this food she said quickly. Slade nodded.

With help from Amber and Trudy laughed Slade, Ebony smiled and picked up her fork You want some wine? asked Slade before she started, Ebony nodded as he poured Lets do a toast smiled Slade, Ebony lifted her glass as did Slade To us, I know it sounds really cheesy but the toast is to us smiled Slade, Ebony laughed slightly as their glasses touched one another with a small ding.


Chapter 13:

Thank you so much for last night smiled Ebony happily giving Trudy and Amber a friendly hug much to their surprise. Slade came out after.

Thanks Girls, It worked a treat smiled Slade.

We know, Ebony thanked us smirked Amber, Trudy laughed along with Amber and Slade shook his head nad laughed.


Hello Darling smiled Ebony putting on a fake English accent as she picked up Slade Jr.

Hey, Was it a nice meal? asked Siva, Ebony nodded and kissed Slade Jr.s head gently.

It was great, You know something Siv. Im so happy smiled Ebony I love him, I have a son, I have my sisters smiled Ebony He has sisters you know that smiled Ebony,

Really? said Siva genuinely shocked.

Yeah, He told me yesterday said Ebony.

Is he gonna try and find them? asked Siva.

I think so, But who knows to be honest smiled Ebony

To be honest what? asked Siva

I dunno, I guess he wants me to meet them smiled Ebony But I dunno she sighed, Siva smiled.

Now Slade Jr. see you soon smiled Siva kissing Slade Jr.s forehead goodbye.

See you later smiled Ebony.


Hey Slade! Ive got an idea smiled Ebony entering Slade and her room.

What? asked Slade, Ebony smiled and handed him Slade Jr.

Were gonna find your sisters, Brea, Eva and Ada smiled Ebony,

Why did you suddenly decide that? asked Slade, Slade Jr. giggled.

Well because Id like Slade Jr. to know all his aunties smiled Ebony, Slade smiled and kissed her gently then kissed Slade Jr. on the forehead