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THANK YOU to mercades for the following quote but the other 2 from episode 20 are by me so please ask if you want to use them:

(Slade coming to Ebonys room just as shes leaving)

Slade hey where are you going

Ebony what I need to get your permission to go to the bathroom now

Slade look ebony Ive been thinking jays right Im supposed to be making some decisions round here. Im going to run java out of town

Ebony no

Slade well why not

Ebony because I said so

(Slade looks at her worried, defeated)

Ebony oh slade going all mushy on me

(Slade places a hand on her shoulder and rubs it)

Slade Im just protecting my investment

(Ebony pulls her hand from his and looks at him wide eyed serious)

Ebony is that what I am to you

Slade NO. ebony look Ive saved your life a couple of times. I dont want to see you throw it away now

Ebony you just stop worrying. I can handle java

(She walks past him closely and he looks longingly at her as she goes)

Episode 20 Series 5:

Ebony was looking at a bracelet that belonged to one of the sisters. Slade comes in.

Slade: You okay?

Ebony: I hated them as much as I loved them. (Ebony is all teary.) They were always in the way. Always arguing. Always scheming. Always fighting. And always there. Always there....Until now......Until NOW! (She throws the bracelet against the wall and burst into tears) Slade runs over and puts his arms around her.

Slade: Im so sorry, Im so sorry(he whispershe strokes her braids comfortingly)









Slade: Ruby if that's you I'm not in the mood for.
(Ebony enters sporting a new outfit - finally. Slade smiles)
Ebony: for what? (Slade puts down his book) What are you not in the mood for?
Slade: games.
Ebony: this is no game. It's not if anymoreit's when, your call.
Slade: why now?
Ebony: why not?
(Slade gets up, Ebony walks towards him)
Slade: because you don't do things without a reason.
(She gave him a brief kiss)
Ebony: reason enough? Ohhh. What's this, Slade? Speechless?
Slade: words are over-rated
(They kiss until Slade pulls back)
Ebony: what's the matter? Regretting it already?
Slade: (Shakes his head) no. It's just...
Ebony: what? Just what?
Slade: well, I've been chasing this horizon for so long. I was never sure I'd reach it
Ebony: well then, let's rearrange some geography.
(She pulls him towards her. they kiss. He picks her up and the lay back on the bed together, still kissing.)

The Next one from Episode 23 with Thanks to Tribal Digest



You ain't paid for that

Ebony   Put it on my tab
Ruby   you don't have a tab - as of now
Ebony   Keep the change
Ruby   You're two credits short
Ebony   O, you want to make something of it?
Ruby   I've got rules, Ebony, and payment in full is one of them
Ebony   And I've got rules: nobody forces me to do anything
Lex   [putting his own cash on the bar] That is from Siva. You remember her? She was the girl that had the misfortune of being your sister
Ebony   I loved my sister
Lex   Yeah - so much you wasted her
Ebony   Don't push me too far, Lex!
Lex   Or what? You'll get rid of me too? You know, I don't usually trash women. But for you, I'd make an exception
Slade   Nobody's trashing anybody.
Lex   Stay out of this Slade
Slade   Can't do that, Lex. I can't do without either of you when the push is on. [Slade knocks Lex out]. [To Ebony]: we need to talk [Slade escorts Ebony outside]
Ruby   [looking over the bar] Lex?

Episode 25 again thanks to Tribal Digest
Ebony   You see a frightened little boy, Slade. But he's not there any more. Open your eyes and see who is. He messed up my mind; played with peoples' lives like they were nothing
Slade   He's still my brother
Ebony   He deserves everything he's got coming to him
Slade   Is that what you'd say about Java if she was still alive? Or Siva? Maybe that wasn't fair
Ebony   Maybe it was. Yo need to know, come the trial, I'll be standing with the prosecution. And if you try and get him out of there.... Just don't try
Slade   Whatever he's become, I'm partly to blame. And I won't give up on him

Written out by me and listenned and watched to by me but Cloud 9 The Tribe Ltd cause they wrote it for the show(I only wrote it for the site ;))