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About Slebony
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About Slebony

I'll describe Slebony a little more below:

Slebony = Slade and Ebony

Slade and Ebony became an official item just at the end of episode 20 series 5, They've already been through rough patches, For Example: Ruby's Pregnancy(Negative) and Mega's being Slade's brother. They seem very happy and this couple have a great chance of being together for long times to come but we all know what cloud 9 do to Ebony's love life and no doubt sooner or later they'll make her alone again. But for now let's celebrate Slade and Ebony's love! Slade followed Ebony around and what he says "Fell for you big time and THAT wasn't in the plan" which I though was so CUTE so basically YAY Their together :D:D


Fiesty or What!?

The Signs:

There seems a little bit of fiesty-ness going on between the two, The way they look at one another. They are cute and there relationship is certainly hitting to the top! This seems really cute and everything, I love them together!!

Mini Profiles:

Ebony: Former City Leader, Queen of the Loco's, also a member of the Mallrats. Zootist Leader, Has 2 sisters Siva and Java, Java is the one that is worse than Ebony which is really bad. Ebony's relationships where Bray(Pre-Tribe) she was obsessed with him until she banished him from the city, Jay(series 4) they where really in love, and hopefully Slade this series! Of course she has had a few little flings but nothing important.

Slade: We have no idea about Slade yet because we're still quite early into the series and he has just joined us, He seems besotted by Ebony has had a couple of night stands with Ruby who seems besotted by him oh and has some secret operation going on with Ram(Former Techno Leader)

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