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Part 1 - The Queen's Thoughts

Part 1 of the Royal Family triology!

The Queen's Thoughts


Chapter 1:

Ebony sat at her table and stared into the mirror, she stroked her flame and moved her hand to her cheek and moved her hand to her ear and then down to the lipstick on her desk, she brushes the stick over her smooth lips and puckered them together spreading the lipstick over the rest of the lip.

There was a small quiet knock on Ebony's door she ignored it at first until it got loud and hurt her head and ears,

"Come in" she sighed and she gave herself a final finish.

"You ready?" asked Amber smiling, Ebony nodded and looked down she shook her head, Amber went up and nudged her and sat down beside her, She put her arm around Ebony and gave a small we push and Amber squeezed her arm.

"I can't do this Amber" said Ebony sighing,

"Yes you can you have before" said Amber "I need you to do this for me please Ebony for Bray" smiled Amber.

"Why couldn't you do it when you first found out instead of a year and a half later" said Ebony

"Because I was confused and he needs a proper send off now!" said Amber, Ebony looked into Amber's eyes and nodded, She sat up and zipped up her black fitted coat she put a black open net over her eyes just like Amber had done

"Lets do this! Lets say goodbye" smiled Ebony, Amber smiled and pulled down her net over her eyes to.


"Where is she?" asked Trudy, Jay looked up at the balcony,

"She'll be here" said Jay he put his arm around Trudys shoulders and kissed Trudy's cheek.

"Mummy" said Brady,

"Hey Brady darling is Mouse looking after you?" asked Trudy.

"Yeah I lost her there though" smiled Mouse taking Brady's hand and leading Brady to Gel and Jack. Amber exited a door under the high up balcony,

"She's coming" said Amber, She looked up to the balcony and the militia on it, the militia suddenly jumped and 3 where on either side of the balcony. Ebony came to the front you could hear her breath heavily down the microphone she gulped and started.

"My city, we are here today to remember Bray, Not the Bray to be but the Bray that has been. He died saving some of your lives and he died wanting to see his son and Amber. We're here" Ebony gulped again "to remember Bray the greatest leader this city has ever had, I know its been a year and a half but I also know that no one no one at all will forget Bray least of all his son that I'm so sure he'll be so proud of and Amber the second best leader this city has had. The only thing I can bring you is safety and security" said Ebony she was interrupted

"Which we need Bray'll proud of you to, he's watching you" said Amber up to her, There was suddenly a surge of courage that rushed through her.

"Bray will never EVER be forgotten and I'm sure his son will do him proud and live on the memory of Bray and and Zoot, This city has been through to much to let Bray down, well survive for for Bray!" said Ebony, She raised her fist and her militia did too, Trudy raised her arm as did Amber. Brady smiled and lifted her fist and by 10 minutes later everyone had there fist on and was cheering for Ebony's speech. Ebony went into the hotel she sighed and sat on the couch. Amber and Trudy entered crying and hugged Ebony.

"Thank you" whispered Amber, Ebony sighed

"I want the mallrats to get extra safety for Bray and Brady's sake please accept some of my militia" said Ebony. Trudy nodded and after some time so did Amber, "Hart get them out tell the 8 they've got the job" said Ebony, The guy called Hart nodded and went to a separate room.

"He's gone" whispered Trudy "with the best send off possible" said Trudy. Ebony nodded as Trudy and Amber left, Zoot and Bray suddenly appeared and smiled they mouthed thank-you and disappeared. Ebony gasped as the images slowly faded with grins on their faces.

What on earth was that? asked Trudy arriving,

Bray and..and Zoot saying goodbye whispered Ebony, Trudy gasped slightly and sat on the couch next to Ebony.

Hello! smiled Slade entering the Hotel Foyer Great Speech Ebs seriously smiled Slade, Ebony smiled slightly Oh am I interrupting something? asked Slade.

No no I just hadnt told Ebony why you where here yet smiled Trudy ok Ebony we reckoned you needed someone else from the mallrats to stay here with you just so that youd remember you ARE a mallrat smiled Trudy she gave Ebony a nudge and Ebony hugged her new found friend Trudy.

Thank you she smiled, Slade smiled at Trudy as she left and looked at Ebony smiling.

So said Slade, Ebony raised her eyebrows and looked down and mouthed So.


Dear Diary,

The speech went well better than Id expected and Siva was there for me as was Java but I cant say much for her caring. I still think Im going crazy as does everyone else Im sure of it. I miss having someone to hold me at night or some Hope that hell come back and look after me, yes I know I finally have the mallrats approval but I cant help but think that after a while theyll be back onto suspiciousness of me again and no I dont care If I spelt that wrong. Grrrrrr I just get so argh MAD.

Do you think Ill ever be trusted or held at night and kept warm again? I have all I ever wanted, Power and the citys trust but I cant help but think thats enough, Ill get by but I know all I need is Love I have love finally from my sisters, I had love from Zoot it may have been cold love but it was still love. I saw Bray and Zoot today they where watching over me, I miss them so much, Im going insane again theres to much pressure around here. Trudy saw them too but Jay has already told me their both stressed out with Bradys nightmares at the moment. Could she be stressed too and be seeing things too?

Im so grateful that theyve offered me Slade to remind me that Im finally a proper mallrat but hes practically one. OH CRUD!! Sorry got a fright the fighting outsides getting worse but the militia are away sorting it out I hope. Slades the guard at my door but I said he could sleep in the room next to mine. It seems to be almost everyone is happy seriously and in some percents I am because weve sorted Mega, Ram and my own sister Java but I cant help but think thats not enough is it?


Ebony x x x


Chapter 2:

Morning smiled Slade entering Ebonys room, Ebony turned around quickly tying her dressing gown robe fast, sorry said Slade he put the breakfast tray on her bed.

No Slade its fine you can have breakfast with me.please? asked Ebony, Slade nodded and smiled he sat on the couch at one end of her room, Or you could sit at the table across from me smiled Ebony, Slade smiled and nodded he sat across from her as she sat down.

What are you doing today? asked Slade breaking the tension of an ice block of silence, Ebony shrugged and ate up her bits of dried cereal.
You? asked Ebony finally catching the drift of Slades fighting the barrier between them down, Slade looked at her and she laughed.

Of course forgot whatever I do you do too smiled Ebony You dont need to work like that I mean like as long as you live here you can do whatever you want said Ebony, Slade shook his head.

Its fine smiled Slade; Ebony smiled and drank some of her orange juice. After about 2 hours and a half of chatting the ice was finally knocked down and the two where almost best friends.

EBONY OPEN UP! shouted Jay banging the door, Ebony got up from the table and opened the door, and Jay fell in breathing heavily.

Whats wrong? asked Slade helping Jay back to his balance.

The Zootists their back! he shouted. Ebony through on her clothes and touched up her make-up and ran out of the hotel. Over 20 men and women and some children stood shouting ZOOT ZOOT ZOOT ZOOT Ebonys eyes opened wide while Slade and Jay grabbed her back from the shouting violent mob.

There looking at something! said Ebony worriedly, Jay looked at her strangely and Trudy burst though the hotel to the main foyer her face glowed with happiness.

look on the roof we must tell Amber we must! shouted Trudy, Ebony looked at her confusedly, Bray hes on the roof I think Zoots there too, dont you dare look at me like the Jay or Ill Ill just stop doing that STOP! shouted Trudy at Jay, Jay turned away from her and looked up onto the roof.

Your right said Jay. Ebony sat down on the ground and coiled up against the wall. She hugged her knees and no longer cared what the world though of her. Slade sent Trudy and Jay and the rest of the militia to deal with mob as he spoke to Ebony and tried to take her out from her mesmerized position but it was pointless she let one nerve move and cried. The salty tears dripped down her cheeks like water falls, Slade shook his head and held her close the warmest hold ever, the waterfalls soon turned into the Siberian dessert as she rested in the warmth of his arms.


Is she okay? asked Trudy wandering into the hotel all hot and bothered from the mob who had gone from the hotel,
Where? asked Amber she said arriving fast.

The roof! groaned Jay angrily, before Amber could run up into the lift it dinged and just as it was too happen Zoot and Bray stood out of the lift. Amber jumped into Brays arms in tears he was real he was holding her and he was crying with happiness too,

My son? Bray whispered into Ambers ear, Ebony stared at the couple with Zoot staring to at her she tightened her hold of Slades arm.

Brady? asked Zoot trying desperately to be like his brother, Trudy smiled and hugged Zoot, Jay frowned at the passion still in there extremely old and almost forgotten relationship.

Zoot this is Jay smiled Trudy, Zoot put his hand out still looking nervous however, Ebony frowned in disbelief and stared at Jay moving in for the shake.

Youve changed scolded Ebony still holding Slade.

Sove you said Zoot looking at her and nodding his head, Ebony sat up and away from Slade she stood up and stared at her former cold lover, There wasnt the same hatred in them as before, She moved in and hugged him, Slade stood up and shook Brays hand as Ebony and Zoot carried on hugging, He lifted her off the floor because he was so glad to see her. A single tear dripped down Ebonys face as it sat on his shoulder her arms tied around his neck she smiled and closed her eyes at the final warm of the cold mans hug. She tightened her grip until Zoot finally cried along with her. Trudy smiled happily at how happy Ebony was but inside she knew Ebony was still aching from the past. The past relationships with both Ambers man and her man.


So hey everyone said Zoot standing on the balcony he was speechless. Ebony stood next to him she moved her hand and tied it to his giving him the courage.

Im back he smiled POW..Zoots back said Zoot cutting himself off. He went inside the hotel and sat on the couch.

How are you alive.Amber said she burnt you and sent you to sea said Ebony Was she lying? asked Ebony, Zoot smiled and shook his head.

I was unconscious my heart stopped for a couple of minutes just so happens it was skipping a few beats when Bray checked if I was dead, I was I think in a coma but when you burnt me and sent me on the water I felt heat and banged the bottom of the coffin I fell out into the ocean, I drifted for miles because I was so weak I had to run from this crazed guy called Jaffa he was in my class in school, You friend Hope looked after me for a while then I found Bray etc etc you catch my drift smiled Zoot, Ebony nodded and looked up at Zoot he looked at her and smiled again.


Chapter 3:

Ebony? asked Slade nervously Do you wanna come to the Mallrats drink with me? he stuttered from nervousness, Ebony turned from her table and smiled and nodded.

Come and get me in half an hour we can have a drink at the casino first she smiled, but no ordinary smile it opened her mouth so her teeth gleamed and Slades heart melted he couldnt help but stare.

See you then, then smiled Slade, Ebony nodded and agreed as he walked off she closed the door and put her back against it she sighed happily.


Wow! said Slade staring at what Ebony was wearing. It was a leather red dress just going to above her knees her black boots where on she no longer had a flame or a band but her Tribal Markings where now like the ones she had on her virtual wedding to Ram. Her dress had that Triangle hole where her belly button and ring is like in the top of series 2 or 3. Her braids where down and not up in the usual just down. She looked stunning, Ebony smiled,
Thank you she smiled happily linking arms with Slade.


Ebony were not going in there said Slade pulling Ebony back from the Casino entrance,

A few guys picking fights doesnt bother me said Ebony

Were late anyway lets just get there said Slade, Ebony nodded again and smiled

Ok then she said apologetically.


Hey Ebony load of people are here seriously trillions smiled Trudy handing Ebony a glass of champagne. Ebony smiled,

I can see that she agreed replying to Trudys statement, Hows Brady? asked Ebony, Trudy smiled,
Shes getting better replied Trudy I dont have any idea how all the young kids can sleep with all this noise going on smiled Trudy.
I know come on lets go dance smiled Ebony putting down her glass, Trudy agreed and put down her glass as she followed Ebony to the centre of the mall to dance.


You got the hots for her mate? asked Jay, Slade shook his head and his face went redder Are you sure? asked Jay smiling, Slade looked at him and nodded then took a gulp of his beer, Im off to ask Trudy for a dance see you later oh and Slade just ask her before she gets drunk laughed Jay who was already drunk.

Hello ladies will you excuse me so I can dance with Trudy smiled Jay, Ebony laughed and nodded she did a hand gesture towards Trudy but looking at Jay signaling that she was all his.

Hey dance? asked Slade Oh I mean do you wanna dance even? asked Slade, Ebony giggled and smiled then nodded happily in agreement.

You staying here tonight? asked Ebony as she put her arms around Slades neck,

I dont know if you are yeah..I dont mean like that I mean like I protect you Im sorry said Slade uncomfortably, Ebony smiled

Its fine I know what you meant smiled Ebony placing Slades hands back on her hips.


Their cute together moaned Zoot,

Yeah its nice replied Amber frowning at Zoot not being happy for Ebony,

Are they together? asked Bray stroking his hands down the curls popping out of Ambers braids.

Im not sure they look like there gonna be though, Im glad her and Jay are friends again it was hard when they werent smiled Amber This was meant to be a feast tonight on remembering you but now its welcoming you she smiled happily hugging Bray.

What happened with her and Jay..Whos Jay is the Trudys guy? asked Bray confusedly, Amber nodded

Ebony and Jay where a long time couple I think she thought that they might even have kids then Megas images freaked her and they split up me and Jay kissed but we couldnt.never mind and then Trudy and Jay got it together smiled Amber,
You and Jay said Zoot digging deeper for his brother,
yes we kissed quickly when he and Ebony where going out but it was a spur of the moment thing and then a few days after I found out that you where supposedly deleted he was soothing me and we kissed quickly but kinda passionately but I said the memory of you would always be drawing us apart said Amber angrily staring at Zoot.

You wanted a relationship with him? asked Bray

Its just like you and Danni except you where actually in a relationship I did have feelings for Jay but when he and Trudy got together I was just happy for them smiled Amber, Bray smiled at the thought he had done the same except worse he put his arm around her and smiled, Amber wriggled and hugged Bray again.


I think weve both had enough drink smiled Slade taking a final gulp of his bottle of beer; Ebony nodded and pushed her glass aside.

You tired? asked Ebony, Slade shook his head Ok do you wanna go back to the hotel for a cup of coffeeI might need to stay here actually said Ebony rubbing her head.

Its fine you can sleep in your old room and Slade you can sleep in your room smiled Jay, Thats if your gonna sleep separately laughed Jay, Ebony looked distraught and embarrassed she looked at Slade who was really really nervous and bright red, She scowled and scoffed and ran off.

Well done Jay! said Trudy,
Trudy.Whoops I think I better get to sleep so I can stop causing trouble laughed the drunken Jay.


Maybe youre taking it more seriously because youre tipsy said Trudy,

No its fine Ive just had a stressful couple of days Ill live smiled Ebony jumping into her still freshly made bed.

Ill have a word with Jay he didnt mean to hes just really..drunkin fact I dont think I want him alone with Brady hell walk into her or something see you in the morning.oh look who has protected you your militias standing at the door ok smiled Trudy looking at the door she hiccupped, giggled then left night she said faintly as she left.


The noise from the party soon stopped just as Ebony fell asleep she watched people and couples and drunken made up for one night couples as the walked off in all directions. Her eyes slowly became heavy and they finally closed she was in the dead of the night alone, still alone.


Morning groaned Ebony coming out of her room, People smiled at her.
You fell asleep within 10 minutes smiled Amber, Ebony looked confused she never fell asleep that fast at the hotel never it took her hours before she fell asleep she knew why The Mall was just like..home.

Want some breakfast? asked Jack pouring milk into his bowl, Ebony rubbed her head.
I think Ill just have water she smiled, Gel laughed slightly and agreed and Jack sat back down next to her.

MORNING screamed Sammy and Mouse happily, All the older people groaned.

To loud whispered Trudy to herself,
Sorry did you all get drunk ha ha laughed Sammy I cant wait till I can drink he smiled

Yes you can grumbled Bray rubbing his head.

Who is that? Whispered Mouse
Oh yeah sorry Im Bray smiled Bray holding out his hand, Mouses mouth dropped open and she shook his hand

Youre the guy everyone wants as the city leader!! smiled Mouse; Ebony looked up and looked down BEFORE THE TECHNOS CAME BUT YOU GOT ALL DEPRESSED SO YOU COULDNT! smiled Mouse happily. Lex banged on the table for silence and stoked his head. Bray pointed and smiled at her and rubbed his head again.

Wheres Slade? asked Ebony worriedly, Jay shrugged still feeling bad about last night.

Fast asleep groaned Ruby entering the café I past his room and heard him snoring which woke me up Ebony smiled and the café laughed at the thought of getting woken by snoring.

morning somebody banged my wall while I was sleeping said Slade, Ruby scowled and Ebony laughed, but her laugh was soon interrupted by an extremely Angry Zoot looking for her, he grabbed her out of the mall and to the Hotel as Slade followed, he could hear her screams.


Chapter 4:

YO SLADE! shouted a member of the militia, Slade looked angrily at them

wheres Ebony? he asked angrily, The militia pointed to the hotel silently where you could hear screams and shouting and cries, I need to get in there said Slade, The militia nodded in agreement. They raided the hotel but Zoot was sitting fine and Ebony was having a coffee, she signaled for Slade to follow her and he did as she wished.


I knew he hadnt changed mumbled Slade,
HE HAS he was just angry that I didnt tell him where I was last night then I shouted back telling him Im not his property but as far as hes concerned Im his Queen then I tried to tell him that theres no Kings and Queens only 1 City Leader and thats me then he got angry again and said he was forever city leader and I told him the city voted me and thats how it would stay and then he shouted..shouted POWER AND CHAOS and I screamed and cried and he apologized and I left him for a minute and came back with a coffee and he was in a mood explained Ebony, Slade nodded as she spoke listening to every word she said.

Your still in love with him said Slade shocked, Ebony shook her head frantically

I just desperately wanna know if hes changed she said she looked directly into his eyes, They both leant forward, Slade moved his hand onto her shoulder bringing her closer, Just as there lips brushed a banging came to the door. They both jumped and stared at each other for a couple of seconds and Ebony finally clicked into reality and got the door.

Sorry Ebony, Theres another Mallrat to see you smiled a member of the militia

If your always sure its a Mallrat just let them in smiled Ebony in return but breathing extremely heavily from her close encounter with Love.

No Ebony they just left a message, They know youre safe cause your obviously if they let me in to see you. Just checking see you soonlove from The MallMouses hee hee no Mouse read the militia member, Ebony smiled and nodded she closed the door leant her head against it sighed and turned to face and embarrassed Slade.

Ok so. Smiled Slade, Ebony stopped him and looked at him she sat across from him again, Slade moved in again as did Ebony, This time there lips didnt just meet, There mouths slid open and each slowly massaged one anothers tongue, Ebonys eyes slowly drifted close and after a while so did Slades.


Morning smiled Slade fingering Ebonys sallow skinned back, She shivered by his tickly finger and turned to face him making sure the duvet was still wrapped around them, Slade and Ebony kissed passionately again but where interrupted again by a banging on the door, Ebony jumped as did Slade, She flung Slade in the shower and ordered him to turn it on, She flung on her bath robe and opened the door with a smile,

Morning heres breakfast, oh your having a shower Ill see you in a couple of hours then smiled Zoot, Ebony carried on smiling then closed the door and flung a sigh of relief she ran into the bathroom and joined Slade in the shower.


Hiya smiled Ebony appearing at the mall, Thanks for the message Mouse she smiled.

Why you so happy? smiled Siva, Ebony did a header towards Slade standing at the door, Siva smiled and nodded.

What you doing here anyway? asked Lex, Ebony put her hands on her hips

Oh gee thanks Lex I love you too smiled Ebony NO Im here for a meeting with Jay and Amber she said explaining

Really? asked Sammy.

Yeah why? asked Ebony, Sammy shrugged

Making conversation he smiled, Ebony looked at him and raised an Eyebrow ok ok I want the Power on admitted Sammy.

Me too groaned May I need a hot shower seriously said May.

Me to, Look Im trying to get it ok this is what the meetings about smiled Ebony.


Ok so thats sorted, smiled Amber happily.

Ill ask the city nicely for helpers at least we have loads of First Aid members willing to help plus weve found Dee and Dr Patch said Ebony

And the schools? asked Jay

We have the high school free no tribe lives there and most of the equipments still there but if theres shortages well ask the Tribes again replied Ebony Ill get to it now but I have to be getting off ok see you later smiled Ebony, Amber and Jay nodded oh yeah the powerll be on tonight smiled Ebony, Amber smiled back and Jays mouth collapsed open.

Shes doing it Jay shes really doing it said Amber as Ebony made her way down the stairs.


Chapter 5:

Ive not been to the beach in ages smiled Ebony letting the wind flow through her braids,
Me neither smiled Slade. He slipped his hand on top of Ebonys. Ebony turned and smiled at him. They kissed and then looked back at the ocean.

I want to be free from Zoot, Slade said Ebony,

You will be soon enough once everythings back to normal, if thats possible smiled Slade, Ebony smiled and put her head on his shoulder, and she took a deep sigh and got up. She sat back on his motorbike and he rode them home.



See you later I think you should stay at the mall again after the party he said.

NO MAYBE YOU SHOULD STAY AT THE MALL NO JOKE! she shouted back, Zoot lost is he stormed up to her grabbed her neck with his hands and hit her against the wall.

Dont you shout at me you may be city leader but I AM ZOOT! POWER AND CHAOS POWER AND CHOAS as he shouted Ebonys eyes grew wider he let her go and slammed her door behind him, She curled up in the corner finally realizing Zoot was back.


Dear Diary

Hes back I KNEW IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE I KNEW IT! I just never realized it. Me and Slade had such a wonderful time and then home we came to Zoot.THE REAL ZOOT! My heart pounded when he through me against the wall my feet werent even touching the ground. Im going to the stay at the mall My Militia are at my room in the mall door nowSlades glad to be coming back to the mall. I didnt mean to do what Ive done but I didTrudys scared for Bradys safety and it scares me too. Bray has had a word with Zoot but he came back covered in bruises. Zoot says hes bringing back the Guardian I just cant cope with that I just cant and neither can Trudy she was in states when I arrived thinking Zoot or The Guardian may take Brady from her and Lex he doesnt even care all he wants to know is if Tai-san is with him and thats annoying Siva I tell you. Im not sure I want Slade I cant let love into my life its never worked before why should it work now?



x x x


We need volunteers!! shouted Ebony to the city, We need teachers from all of us who almost completed school shouted Ebony.

Ebony you need to stay in the Mall, Zoots gone crazy said a member of the militia, Ebony agreed as she watched Zoot kick about bins etc.


Several months past and slowly but surely the schools and hospitals where set up as. Ebony acted as Principal of the Music Department and taught kids Dance and Singing and musical instruments. Her and Slade got closer and closer and where know a well known couple throughout the city.

I was wondering Ebony, smiled Slade Well weve been going out for ages now and I was thinking well how about we share a room? asked Slade. Ebonys smile dropped she looked at him and shrugged, she looked at her watch.

OH I forgot Im on Night Camera watching Duty said Ebony, She dived up and walked out, Slade sighed.


I just dunno what to do ok? asked Ebony angrily, Siva nodded

Its fine you can do my job see you later smiled Siva, Ebony smiled and stared at the wide selection of screens in front of her. She smiled as she looked at Jack and Hope talking to one another she turned on the volume and listened.

Jack held up a ring, a very big ring.

It was my mums, I want you to have it said Jack, Hope looked deep into his eyes

I cant she whispered, she pushed his hand away.
It was my great grans, its been passed down but mum didnt have a daughter so she gave it to me to give to someone I.I loved explained Jack

Shouldnt Ellie have it then scowled Hope, Jack looked at Hope tears welled up in both of their eyes.

Just try it on said Jack, He took Hopes hand and put it on her finger It fits whispered Jack, He went to take it off in tears but Hope moved his hand.
I dont wanna take it off she whispered. They both hugged.

Im crazy seriously, Im a fool a fool whispered Ebony SIVA YOUR BACK ON DUTIES I GOT SOMETHING TO DO! shouted Ebony, Siva smiled and sat back down.


Hey smiled Ebony, Slade looked up with a frown Ok so yeah Ive been thinking and how about my room smiled Ebony, Slade looked up with a smile; he hugged her and kissed her.


 WHAT THE! said Ebony jumping up from her pillow, Slade groaned as he awoke. There was banging from the outside.

Whats that? asked Slade, Ebony got up and put on her boots.

The militia have left the room door something is really wrong! said Ebony, Slade jumped up too.

Dont go out there alone then! shouted Slade, he grabbed her back.



Ebony its ok the grills down smiled Amber.
What is it? asked Ebony anyway, Amber held up a letter.
Compliments, People want you as City Leader not Zoot. Weve finally over thrown Zoot! smiled Trudy happily hugging Jay.


I dont think its all so simple sighed Ebony throwing herself on the bed, Slade agreed and sat at the end of the bed. Ebony came up behind and put her arms around his neck and her chin on his shoulder, Slade put his arms up so it was wrapped around her head.

What will we do? asked Slade, Ebony shrugged.
I know Amber doesnt think its that simple and neither does Jay so we have a lot of backing replied Ebony. Slade nodded and kissed her cheek.


I FEEL SICK!!!! shouted Ebony throwing a slipper at the drape over the door,
Sorry! said Amber backing off; Ebony frowned and hit her head against the pillow. Ebony winced as she leant over the bed and was sick again in a bowl.


Somethings wrong with her Amber? asked Slade worriedly, Amber shrugged

Ive called Patch he said hell be here in a couple of hours said Amber, Slade looked worriedly down at his coffee. Shell be fine, shes Ebony! smiled Amber, Slade nodded and smiled.


What took you so long? groaned Ebony rolling over.
I was just checking your results, your fine its just morning sickness smiled Patch. Ebonys worried expression turned even more worried and her face was stuck ready to ask what.

What? asked Slade seeing this expression, Jays mouth was stuck open and Ambers eyes where wide and shocked. Patch laughed nervously at everyones expressions,

Ebonys pregnant said Patch turning towards Slade, Ebony was confused and wasnt sure how to react. said Ebony nervously. Trudy smiled and angrily stared at the shell shocked Jay she pulled him and Amber out of the room and Patch smiled and left nervously rubbing his head.

Pregnant whispered Ebony as Slade sat down next to her Its yours right? asked Ebony, Slade smiled and nodded. Ebonys face glowed and the two hugged.


.And its safe? asked Ebony, Patch smiled and nodded.

Everythings fine he smiled Ebony nodded in agreement,

Maybe there should be clubs? she said as her thoughts started aloud

What? asked Patch, Ebony shook her head with a smile Take it Easy smiled Patch.

I will but I am the city leader and I have ideas that MUST come true she smiled, Patch nodded.


Ooooo YUK! shouted Ebony sitting with her head in the toilet, I hate being sick she mumbled as she sweat from exhaustion, What you doing anyway? she groaned standing up.

Arranging the boat celebration for you and your ideas smiled Slade; Ebony gasped with a smile and looked at him.

I love boat trips they remind me of mum and dad and our family cruises for the business smiled Ebony But Im not sure youll find a capable boat there all ruined said Ebony,

I have my ways, I have my ways smiled Amber agreeing with Slades smile.


Im glad Ive been able to.control the sickness she said putting her hands up as a stopping sign. Siva smiled and nodded in agreement.


Chapter 6:

Okay annual check up. Smiled Patch he continued Your well your not pregnant said Patch, Slade and Ebony looked at each other awkwardly, I got a bit mixed up he smiled. Ebony nodded angrily.

You sure did she sighed with relief, Slade looked at her and she smiled I was NEVER fit to be a mother.Sorry she tried to get Slade to smile but he was just gob-smacked, She left the hospital happily as Slade walked behind her shocked by everything.


So there was never ever a baby explained Slade happily. Ebony smiled then looked down,

It was just a virus she smiled to the Mall Im glad I never told the city about it yet smiled Ebony. She paused and left then ran back in hitting herself.

I JUST REALISED I SAW MY PERIOS LAST WEEK..IM SUCH AN IDIOT!! she screamed. Everyone joined in with her laughter and in the commotion Slade held her and kissed her passionately.


Dear Diary

GRRRRR Im not pregnant I think I wondered why I got my period last week.Im such an idiotic Baboon..hee hee. Slades fast asleep next to me. Were still staying the same room which is cool. I havent seen much of Zoot which has also been cool. OH YEAH THE BOAT CRUISE DINNER TOMORROW!! Im so excited all the Mall girls are going out of town clothes shopping and I know exactly what Im getting I asked someone in particular to make it for me. I felt relieved nervous upset all in one today and HAPPY!! Apparently Zoots coming on the Boat dinner tomorrow but Ill just ignore him its the easiest thing to do!! Bray and Amber are back to the way they used to be but Jay and Bray have little macho fights all the time what Bray doesnt quite realize yet is that Jay is better than him and is co-leader of The Mallrats. Bray isnt the same as he used to be hes much colder and Far far far more defensive of Amber. Most of the Mallrats even Trudy has realized how annoyed Amber is at him all the time now, No wonder anyway its late. Cant be bothered signing so see you later J


Morning smiled Trudy appearing at the café, she sat down next to Jay.

I CANT WAIT TILL TONIGHT!! shouted Mouse happily, Hope smiled as did Gel.

You coming shopping with us Mouse? asked Gel and Siva laughing as they spoke in unison.

Keep me out the way said Lex

Yeah me too, women and there clothes said Jay, Trudy smiled and kissed his cheek.

Hey smiled Jack, Ebony and Slade in unison.

Hiya replied Amber happily.

Is it still on a boat? asked Ruby pouring orange juice. Ebony and Jay and Trudy all nodded. Ok she sighed.
You dont like boats? asked Gel

No thats how.. she stammered and Amber finished it for her.

Thats how our grandma and cousin died said Amber But Im over that and Ruby can I talk to you.Girls well catch up with you later ok? asked Amber. All the girls and Jay and Lex nodded just by habit.

Well coming? asked Trudy kissing Jays forehead as she stood up.

Yep see you later smiled Ebony and the girls.


WOW!! smiled Ebony and Amber looking at Trudy and Mouse. The girls smiled.

SO THATS US SORTED? asked Mouse looking exhausted.

Yeah we need to get home and give our feet a rest until tonight now smiled Gel handing Mouse her jacket.
okay cool plus we need to get the food and stuff sorted, Gel will you look after Mouse cause we need to hurry up and cook the food? asked Salene.

Sure Sal smiled Gel waiting on Mouse.


Salene, Amber and Trudy all linked arms and walked down the street, Ebony stared at the friends and sighed silently to herself.
EBONY HURRY UP shouted Salene and Amber happily, Trudy put out her arm and grabbed Ebonys linking them. Ebony smiled happily to herself as she stayed next to her new found friends.


Hey how was shopping? asked Slade taking off his boots and lying back on the bed,

Yeah it was good Ill just put these bags in the cupboard cause I cant let you see the clothes smiled Ebony, Slade smiled

That Bag has a make logo on the front said Slade

yeah well believe me its no make, or we could call it my own make since I got it especially made smiled Ebony lets call it..Ebonastic giggled Ebony, Slade laughed and picked up his book to read it. Ebony took of her boots and snuggled up to Slades shoulder.

What you reading? she asked; Slade wriggled his arm under her and fiddled with one or two braids.

The Bell Jar started years ago and found it a couple of weeks ago explained Slade, Ebony smiled and read a bit of it.

Oh gee that looks like a dead happy story she said sarcastically.

Shut up and have some rest smiled Slade.

I dont want rest Im hyper smiled Ebony. She kissed Slades neck.

Are you know? asked Slade smiling and kissing her forehead.

YEAH I LOVE DANCING smiled Ebony moving her arms into pointers and swirling them around.

You sure do said Slade smiling sarcastically.

Mmmm maybe Im a bit stressed Ill have a forty minute shut eye smiled Ebony. She closed her eyes and kept leaning on his shoulder. Your shoulder isnt as comfortable as usual said Ebony.

FINALLY YOU REALISED! shouted Slade happily. He went into his shirt and pulled out a necklace from under Ebonys head on his shoulder. That hurts when its pushed on your skin smiled Slade he handed Ebony the necklace and put it on her. She smiled and they kissed passionately.

Thanks Honey smiled Ebony she hugged him again and looked down at her necklace, awwww she gazed at it happily.


WOW! said Slade he stared at Ebony her sleek Silk red dress flowed over her curvy body. The Black satin shawl draped slightly of Ebonys shoulders hung perfectly. The Black diamond bag shone and glittered as the light hit it her mini Black stilettos, Glittered. Her face shone as her flame had been rubbed off and her band over her eyes was now shiny red and glittery as it touched the tops of her ears. Her red Braids where plated together creating slightly bigger pleats and tied back.

Thanks smiled Ebony Coming I want to go on the boat smiled Ebony, Slade nodded still staring at her. She grabbed his arm linking them and walked out to the main entrance of the Mall, to meet the rest.

Hey smiled Amber;
Hi smiled Slade and Ebony walking out holding hands.

Wow Ebony that really suits you smiled Trudy.
You too I LOVE you in purple smiled Ebony, Trudy giggled. Her Purple leather dress hung nicely and the small violet satin sleeves blended in gorgeously.

Okay sweetie Mouse and Gel and Sammy will be looking after you tonight, okay? smiled Trudy hugging Brady.
What about Bray? asked Mouse.

Hell be here too hes sleeping so just do a 2 hourly check on him ok? asked Amber, Mouse smiled and Gel smiled too.

Okay thats cool Come on Sammy time for make-over smiled Gel,

Ill just stick to the computer laughed Sammy.

Okay see you MOUSE IN BED BY 12 at the latest..Understood? said Salene.
Yes Sal smiled Mouse she ran up the stairs,

Wheres the militia? asked Trudy looking worriedly at the kids being left alone.

Oh I sent some too the boat and 15 are coming here smiled Ebony and my door people will be here and first aiders EVERYONE smiled Ebony And Java who is still extremely sick said Ebony.
RIGHT COME ON! said Trudy happy at the thought. Ebony and Trudy linked arms and walked forward.

Ebony wait smiled Slade,
Hurry up said Ebony,

I need to give you something he said under his breath. The Mallrats stared at him,

Just give it to me now said Ebony realizing his embarrassment of the Mallrats stare.

Fine here I thought you might need these he smiled he pulled out a box and opened it little crystal earrings and put them on for her. Ebony touched his cheek and smiled

Thanks she smiled and kissed him quickly Right coming said Ebony looking at the smiling Mallrats.

Awwww smiled Trudy taking her arm again and they giggled.
That was sooooo cute said Salene to Amber.


I think I look stupid moaned Mega.
Oh Mega you always complain ALWAYS! said Siva, Mega sighed and put his arm around her waist and carried on walking.


Oooooo I havent been on a boat for soooo long smiled Jay finally catching up with Trudy and Ebony,

Me neither smiled Ebony grabbing Slade.

Ive never been on one full stop! said Slade, Ebony smiled

Well youll be on one now!! she smiled. Slade took her hand smiled and nodded.

Chapter 7:

The ship hasnt even started going yet and people are already drunk groaned Ebony, Slade laughed as he stared at Amber telling a joke And My mans about to be stolen off of me again she moaned, Jay looked at Trudy who put a friendly arm around Ebony.

Go get him then! said Jay, Ebony looked at him with one eyebrow up Hes yours Ebony so go get him Back if you care for him! said Jay, Trudy smiled happily as Ebony made her way to Slade, Slade wrapped an arm around her waist.

Tell Ebony the joke Amber shell find it funny too! said Slade, Amber nodded

Its a bit old but Hey Im TIPSY so whatever! laughed Amber, Ebony smiled and looked back at Jay and Trudy smiling at her she mouthed a silent thank you and listened into Ambers joke.

See you Im gonna get another one of these thingys laughed Amber holding up a shot glass.
see ya later smiled Ebony, She turned to face Slade Slade is the captain of our ship of our ship Slade is the captain of our ship of our ship the ship has a sail and Slade is a whale Slade is the captain of our ship of our ship. Slade is the captain of our ship of our ship Slade is the captain of our ship of our ship the ship has a tanker and Slade is a wanGUESS! laughed Ebony, Slade laughed and nudged her slightly.

Hey guys smiled Trudy pulling Jay over to Ebony and Slade,

Hey Truds! laughed Slade Sorry too much..drink smiled Slade Trudy nodded and rolled her eyes towards Jay.

What oh yeah whatever! laughed Jay. Ebony laughed under her breath and Trudy smiled.

Nice boat Slade smiled Trudy, Slade nodded.

It has beds and rooms and stuff I think my uncle or someone came on a cruise on it so I guess thats what gave me the idea plus its still pretty clean said Slade, Ebony and Jay and Trudy nodded in agreement.


The ship slowly pulled out of harbour, it was a kinda small ship but it wasnt the size of a yacht though bigger. It had about 5 or 6 bedrooms a large kitchen ballroom inside and an outside staged ballroom, Also a dining Room.


Its a beautiful ship said Trudy

I know I mean my guy like got this for me! said Ebony confusedly.

Hes a real nice guy said Trudy and hes yours smiled Trudy and heres my drunk guy said Trudy looking at Jay and Slade walking in laughing.

Hello.You like the boat then? asked Slade, Trudy and Ebony smiled and nodded.

Dance? asked Slade putting his hand out to Ebony,

In here? Asked Ebony taking his hand and standing up,

Yeah its started raining out there said Slade, Jay took Trudys hand.

You can barely here the music here though guys said Trudy

Yeah agreed Ebony, Slade smiled and Looked at Jay, Jay smiled on and switched on a speaker in the corner of the room.

Your music ladies smiled Jay, Ebony and Trudy smiled.

I love this song whispered Ebony as she fell into a tight hold from Slade and swayed from side to side.

Ebony looked up at Slade and stared into his eyes. They kissed intimately as they swayed.


Oh it is DISGUSTING OUT THERE! said Siva, Mega, Salene, Amber and Lex running in absolutely soaking.

and the waves are getting bigger said Siva uneasily.

Itll be fine fine fine said Mega kissing Sivas neck, Salene sat clumsily on a sofa.

Im drunk she grumbled, Lex sat down next to her and agreed the both giggled with each other, Trudy quickly slid her leg off of Jays knees and pulled down her skirt so that it wasnt crumpling.

Dont stop on our behalf laughed Salene, Salene pointed to Megan and Siva. Siva and Mega where sitting next to each other but now she had her legs on Either side of his sitting doing legs and he was kissing her neck. Ebony smiled as did Jay and Trudy, Slowly kicked off one of her heels again and put one leg over Jays knees and sat on the other one she massaged his chest as they kissed passionately again.


WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!! said Siva jumping off Mega.

Itll just be the wind and waves picking up said Jay No ones come in here yet really except in and out there all too hot cause there to busy dancing and eating smiled Jay,

Im roasting do you all wanna come out with us anyway? asked Ebony.
Yeah we will smiled Trudy, Jay followed.

Trudy smiled and took Jays hand and linked arms with Ebony, The walked out onto the deck all sobered up they decided they wouldnt drink anything else. Ebony turned away and into Slades chest as did Trudy jumping into Jays chest. Rain pounded hard it hurt there faces,

EVERYONE TO THE TOP!! shouted Ebony to the rest staying in the quiet room, Slade flung off his jacket and wrapped it around Ebony. Jay stood in front of Trudy and spread his arm protecting her from the violent wind.

You guys hurry up weve all to be at the top deck said Bray worriedly grabbing Amber into his arms. Ebony looked at Amber who was rubbing her head, she turned to Ebony and tried to smiled, and Ebony smiled back then looked up at Slade. Her eyes turned watery seeing his worried expression she huddled into him.

Can we go then! said Salene, Everyone followed Bray up to the deck where people stood huddled together holding to the railings for their lives. Ebony grabbed Slades arm as he walked forward. He turned and looked at her and let her slip her arm through his, He smiled reassuringly and she smiled back.

Trudy where are you? asked Ebony and Amber stopping and turning around, Slade stopped with her and grabbed onto her and a railing as the ship swerved dangerously, Amber hit hard against the railing then grabbed Bray who stopped and grabbed her back.

Im here girls said Trudy running up with Jay following, Jays face was pale but he stood strong and was brave for Trudy.

Oh no lightnings started whispered Ebony to Slade, He cowered over her and hugged her close but carried on holding the railing with his hands behind Ebony. Slade quickly pulled off his jaw-breaker ring from his middle finger and slipped it onto Ebonys necklace.

Keep that for safe keeping he smiled, Ebony smiled and pulled the chain to her lips and kissed it.

EVERYONE PUT THESE ON!! shouted Zoot angrily throwing life jackets at people, he handed Ebony a life jacket and a boat as did he with some of his militia and Trudy and Bray, Ebony smiled thankfully and he did a brief smile and walked off. Slade stared at him; Ebony looked at the ring again and pulled Slades cheek, so that his face was looking at her. He smiled and she handed him the boat.

For safe keeping she said, Slade smiled again and accepted the boat Stay with me okay! said Slade, Ebony nodded and grabbed Amber hard who grabbed Trudy bringing them all together.

MARTIN YOU TAKE A LIFE JACKET!! shouted Bray worriedly, Zoot turned around and put his thumb up with a smile and pointed to the life jacket already on, Ebony panicky flung Slade off for a moment and put on her life jacket, Slade tied it gently on her. Salene looked happily at Trudy and took the railing next to them.

Here I got you one! smiled Lex appearing with a boat and a life jacket. Salene smiled thankfully and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Everyone arranged there lifejackets tight onto them but some people helped others.


The final fatal blow came to the ship. It crashed from side to side; People fell off sides, Zoot being one of them. Ebony grabbed the chain around Slades neck and brought him closer. The kissed gently.

I love you Ebony he whispered. Ebony nodded with a tear and replied

I love you too, Slade, stay safe okay she said, All the people knew fine well theyd be split up and at last water spewed onto the ship and if you didnt jump off youd be stuck on a ship and defiantly die. Slade smiled as he looked at the boat.

Lets get these things working he said he pulled the string on the bottom of a bag and the boat came up as he was doing so and trying to get everyone sorted and couple of sways came, Jay, Ebony, Trudy and Bray fell off. Slade gasped her flung the boat to Amber and looked over the edge; Amber did so too but carried on holding the boat.

EBONY! he shouted, he looked at Amber Throw it down and jump into it! he said,

But begged Amber

Tell Lex and Sal.shes gone tell Lex to as well Ill follow throw it down, theyll get into it! said Slade, Amber did as she was told and jumped into the boat with Lex pulling Slade down as well.

EBONY! cried Slade as he looked over the water, Trudy crawled in desperately.


Ebony looked over the crowds of people making it to life boat but being separated she called out to Slade who she say looking desperately over the mountainous crowds of people screaming and crying.

Ebony said Hope grabbing Ebony soaking arm.

Hope I cant reach him I CANT! screamed Ebony.

Ive lost Jack..Ebony Ive lost him cried Hope,

Im sooooo tired whispered Ebony

You gotta stay awake Ebony or youll drown! Well get to Slade look hes still shouting on you said Hope desperately,

The boat..the ship its its gone! said Ebony, Her teeth chattered gently.

EBONY, OPEN YOUR EYES! shouted Jays faint voice.

Jay please Im so tiredand and cold said Ebony,

Hope let go of me for a minute okay said Jay, Hope head bobbed up and down nodding in the water,

Hope hold my hand and well find Jack and and Sladeclose your eyes whispered Ebony,

Ebony I wanna wake up again but I wanna see Jack too, what will I do? asked Hope desperately trying to get Ebony to carry on talking,

Keep the conversation going Hope well done! smiled Jay.

Ebony dont you dare not reply come on talk to me..Jay look theres a shore there!! said Hope, Jay agreed.

Ebony come on! said Hope, Ebony felt the shaking but couldnt talk or move she just closed her eyes and pretended Slade was there taking her away from the city just for a while, Then there was nothing not even blank just just nothing.


Chapter 8:

GOOD GRIEF EBONY JUST WAKE UP! shouted someone shaking Ebony hard, Ebony groaned and spat out some water,

Finally said a female voice sighing, Ebony sat up and twitched her eyes open, her hand quickly moved over her eyes from the bright light.

Its just the sun sighed the guys voice, Ebony took her hands away and looked out she un-blurred the pictures and stared as Hope sat with mascara runs on her cheeks and Jay sat bewilderedly staring at her and Hope.

Where are we? asked Ebony,

Lielanka Islandnot really an island we can walk to the city but itd take a week at least! said Hope,

Well well start walking! said Jay,

Yeah,! said Ebony, she got up awkwardly, Come on! she said wewe need to get home! Jay nodded and Hope smiled she took Ebonys held out hand and jay stood up behind Hope.


Slade..Slade come on! said a female voice shaking him hard,

Let go! he groaned he sat up and felt the water around him OH WHERE AM I! he said jumping up feeling the wet.

On the shore..of the city said Amber looking up at him,

Amber? Wheres Ebony? asked Slade, Amber looked in every direction avoiding eye contact.

Some people have gone missing in other places..shes one of them said Trudy explaining to Slade for Amber.

Well.wellwe need to do something.NOW! said Slade, Trudy came up to him and whispered in his ear,

Ambers in no fit state to call the shots..shes lost Bray too hes gone..again.Lex is refusing to do it cause hes stubborn and feels well all appear some time.hiding his own feelings again and I cant.I cant said Trudy, Slade realized Jay was missing.

OkayRIGHT LISTEN UP!! The main priority right now is to get back to the Tribe okay!! We need to tell everyone were safe, Mouse you wont mind heading first will you with me, you said you always wanted to be a leader or lead something one day so will you help me? asked Slade, Mouse nodded happily. Okay then.Mega well use the technos helicopters and stuff if thats okay? asked Slade, Mega looked up his glasses had fallen off one eye he nodded tired and upsettedly.

I think you should all rest said a guy from a ship, a worker, everyone nodded and headed for the mall.


I am soooooo tired! groaned Siva, May nodded.

Its that way.I think! said May Sivahow can you can you ermm not be upset? asked May

I am Im devastated but I know I have to stay strong! said Siva, she smiled and took Mays arm, You have to be too okay? she asked, She linked arms and they carried on walking.


Slade arrived at the mall, He left the girls all to explain and went to he and Ebonys room, and He lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling.


Slade kissed Ebony quickly but she pushes him away

Never do that again! said Ebony embarrassed but stern

You said you needed help smiled Slade

Well not that kinda help! said Ebony, She wiped her mouth and walked off extremely embarrassed.

End of Flashback

First time we kissed sighed Slade,

SLADE! shouted Trudy

what? groaned Slade wiping his cheeks for he was sure he had been crying,

are you coming on these planes or what? asked Trudy I need to find my man and considering theres a few dribbles from tears on your t-shirt I suppose you need to fine your women so COME ON! shouted Trudy, Slade stood up and through on his jacket covering the salty tear dribbles on his shirt.

Okay the planes are at the harbour for you okay? asked Mega still shaken up.

Thanks Mega..oh and by the way more and more and more arent you well just to let you know.youve done your time smiled Slade

thanks said Mega silently happy.


ah here jay have a drink said Ebony throwing him the flask of water. A groan rose alarm in the group of 3.

What was that? asked Hope

I dunno Ill go and ask the Tree shall I? asked Ebony angrily,

I think its a person said Jay

WE HAD FIGURED THAT OUT FOR OURSELFS! said Hope and Ebony in unison, Jay raised his hands to stop them and said

Okay thenjust stop fighting! he said desperately, You act like Brady at night when she doesnt get her orange juice! he insulted.

argh lets go follow the noise then! Shall we?! asked Ebony, Hope and Jay followed behind her.

No we need to rest! said Jay, Hope nodded in agreement and they all lay down to sleep.


Ebony isnt waking up said Hope nervously,

You didnt tell me she had concusion! shouted Jay, Hope looked to the ground At least shes still breathing sighed Jay Well just sit here for a while ok? asked Jay, Hope nodded.


Oh great Zoot wake up! shouted May shaking Zoot like mad.

I need to sit down a while okay? said Siva

Okay Ill deal with Zoot! smiled May.


I am so thirsty sighed Hope

Me too come on we need to keep moving well go on the coastal route said Jay, The airplane flew above them they ran to the shore and it slowly descended onto the beach picking up Hope first then she jumped back out and Jay got in

Have you seen Ebony? asked Slade interuppting Jay and Trudys passionate kiss

Shes concussed thats who Hopes away to get you might wanna help said Jay I cant walk any further Im sorry whispered Jay, Slade shook his head and smiled he dived out the plane and followed Hopes footsteps

Thankfully give me a hand said Hope trying to lift Ebony by herself

Give her to me said Slade, He grabbed her and held her in his arms and ran to the plane with Hope following. GET THEM HOME QUICK SPEED..wait try another couple of searchs said Slade he lay Ebony down her head leant against his shoulder.

THERES OTHERS DOWN THERE HARD TO LAND THOUGH CAN YOU DROP THE ROPE! shouted the pilot through. Slade nodded and kicked the rope ladder off letting it drop down. A tired Zoot arrived at the top of the ladder and fell in a heap near Slade who avoided eye contact, Siva was next up and who hugged Trudy immediately, May came up next and sat extremely close to Zoot who hadnt quite thanked her yet for saving her life, Ebony groaned slightly.

There was someone we couldnt get there on time they where moaning they are under lots of tree said Hope looking out of the plane About..there! she said she pointed at the black blob.

Someone needs to go down for it NOW! Its almost Dark said Slade

I will said Hope desperate to help

okay agreed Slade. Time passed and finally it was dark and Hope finally arrived up

He is so heavy..its Bray she puffed as soon as she closed her eyes she was out cold.


THERE BACK! screamed Mouse as the casualtys came in, Amber dived down the stairs and stared at the unconscious Bray, She grabbed him and hugged him even though he was out cold. Hope staggered and sat down, Jack ran in and straight into her arms they kissed passionately, Slade carried on walking to his and Ebonys room he placed Ebony under the covers and kissed her forehead,

Slade come on she okay? asked Trudy, Slade nodded bewilderedly

Ill stay here for a while he sighed and put his hand on Ebonys cold leg.

Here you need to sit her up..I fell asleep when I was concussed once said Trudy, Slade smiled and sat her up, her head drooped.

Ill come out he said, Trudy smiled and led him out to the Mall centre, Amber dived into his arms and thanked him he just nodded and smiled slightly.


Hey how is she? asked Jay

Making progress smiled Slade, happily finishing his coffee

How long had it been then? asked Jay

Just 3 days smiled Slade

hey Slade smiled Amber greeting him with her now normal kiss on the cheek thanking him almost every day from bringing Bray home.

Hi said Slade Hows Bray? As in Daddy Bray smiled Slade

Hes good thanks to you said Amber, Slade smiled

SLADE SHES AWAKE! screamed Trudy through the mall, Slade dropped his glass

Ill get it now GO! shouted Amber, Slade dived through the mall jumping over the wall around the fountain.


Slade grumbled Ebony coughing slightly but with a smile, Trudy smiled and left, Slade dived next to her and hugged her,

I am so glad your okay he said finally letting the floods of tears out, Ebony put her hand on his cheek and smiled, Slade moved in and they kissed passionately.


Ebony sighed as she woke up she snuggled up next to Slade and kissed his cheek,

Is that it? groaned Slade waking up and smiling as he stared at her, Ebony smiled they kissed passionately, Suddenly a lot of banging was heard from the grille. Slade dived up and Ebony through on her dressing gown,


WHATS GOING ON?! shouted Slade running out with Ebony following,

some mob! shouted Amber jumping back at someone running against the grille, Ebony stared at them.

There..old members of the chosen! said Trudy whispering,

WHAT?! asked Lex worriedly,

Theyll be coming for the Zoot killer said Amber making him more nervous,

NO! said one of them, but that one of them wasnt one of them Hawk stepped forward Its the Ecos we need a home he smiled, Amber smiled and hugged him she let the crowd of Ecos in and then everyone else slammed down the grille, Lex sighed with relief. Ebony tied her robe tighter because one Eco was staring at her considering she had nothing on underneath she thought shed go and get changed with Slade following,

We thought you might..youll be welcome back at the Ecos again said Hawk, Amber smiled happily then showed them the getting bigger Baby Bray.


Why you getting changed? asked Slade

Well I may as well everyone else is up said Ebony moaningly putting on her clothes,

Well Im going back to bed said Slade, He jumped under the covers, Ebony slipped on her nighty and jumped in the other side. Ill make you dinner said Slade tonight okay? asked Slade, Ebony smiled and nodded

Id like that


Chapter 9:

Well Ive been chucked out the mall smiled Ebony handing over a coin and taking a bite of an apple,

Me too! Bray and Slade and Jay said they need to get to know each other so made us get a double, triple dinner thing said Amber and Trudy in unison, Ebony smiled.

Here gimme one too! said Amber handing one pearly from her necklace, She grabbed the apple and smiled as if saying thanks.

Hows Brady, Is she sleeping better? asked Ebony

YeahEver since Zoot confronted her though shes been different, Shes always asking for other daddy not Jay but then when Jay comes shes all happy and then when I come shes all hyper said Trudy confusedly, but her bad dreams have kinda gone smiled Trudy. Ebony and Amber nodded, Amber picked up Baby Bray from a seat she had sat him down on.

EBONY! shouted some streets kids EBONY EBONY EBONY! they shouted in a chant, Ebony turned shockedly and raised one of her arms with a smile.

Why they chanting that? asked Amber

I think they think youve taken over from Zoot or somethingspeaking of Zoot, I think hes on his way! said Trudy she dived and picked up Brady who was walking along looking at some stalls, The siren wailed as it became closer and soon turned onto the market streets, People dived behind the stall counter tops so as not to get run over, But Ebony just stood her ground

Your putting peoples lives in anger Zoot she said confidently Thatll never doNEVER COME ON MARKET STREET WITH THAT CAR AGAIN GOT IT! she screamed, Zoot stared at her, She knew he was nodding but couldnt show mercy in front of everyone.

Good Boy.or are you? just run along and well forget all about this but remember. That drivey on the streety okay? asked Ebony, Zoot banged the top of the car and it roared on.

Wow you just stood up to Zoot said Trudy, Brady cried as he drove away and she held out her arms to try and hug the car but it was gone Youll see him tonight sweetie said Trudy, Ebony smiled, She turned to carry on walking to the end of the market when there was a huge cheer.

YEAH! GO EBONY. EBONY! EBONY! EBONY! EBONY! they chanted, Ebony just stared then smiled then ran down the street to escape it all Power..but no chaos she said smiling to herself Yet she said turning pale, She stared as Zoots car stopped beside her again

Hi he said Ebony smiled nervously, Amber and Trudy turned the corner and joined Ebony, Can I see Braids? asked Zoot, Trudy nodded and Brady giggled as she held on to her daddy number 2.

Aww how give her back youll see her tonight we need to get going goodbye! said Ebony

Can I not just keep her since Ive to collect her in an hour anyway said Zoot

I wouldnt mind that but she is NOT coming in THAT car with you got it! said Trudy grabbing Brady off him, Zoot jumped off and then gave the car another hit and it drove off.

Now? he asked

Sneaky as usual said Amber, Trudy smiled at Ambers remark

Fine she said giving in, Trudy handed back Brady and kissed her See you later honey..TAKE CARE OF HER! said Trudy angrily at Zoot. He nodded and took her and walked to the hotel with her.

There still in my building! said Ebony angrily, Ebonys Palace really doesnt suit Zoot said Ebony, Amber and Trudy laughed and they made their way to the mall.


Hey said May greeting them

hi smiled Amber and Trudy an Ebony

Hey! smiled Salene, She handed Ebony a bag

Whats this? asked Ebony

Your lunch your all to stay out till later on for another 2 hours or something smiled Salene

See you later then said Ebony taking the bag and leaving again,

Do we have to go too? asked Amber meaning her and Trudy, Sammy ran past with a few candles

YES NOW GO! smiled Salene,

Can you give us our jackets then? Its getting cold said Trudy, Ebony was standing impatiently waiting, Mouse and Gel handed them all their jackets then pushed them out of the mall along with Ebony, Amber quickly turned and handed Baby Bray to Gel then ran for it, Gel sighed and entered in a huff holding baby Bray. Ebony and Trudy laughed and followed Amber.


Okay can we go back NOW? asked Ebony wrapping up used paper and throwing it away,

I am its pouring it down! said Trudy angrily throwing up her hood,

Yeah lets go said Amber putting her hood up.


okay you can let them into the mall now but theyre not aloud in the free room at the top of the stairs okay! said Slade, Salene nodded oh and try and keep them busy were not quite finished yet he smiled, Salene smiled and nodded back.


IT IS FREEZING OUT THERE!! said Amber coming in soaking


fine smiled Salene oh but dont go up into that purple room that no one uses its being prepared smiled Salene.

Okay well Im away to get cleaned up sighed Ebony Oh do I have to dress up? asked Ebony, Amber and Salene looked at her as if she was stupid and Trudy tried to keep back a laugh, Ebony smiled Fine she said and left for her room.


Ebony looked in the mirror and smiled to her self, She run her hand through her flame and grabbed a facial cleaner. She slowly wiped it off including her blue band, She dived to the ground and looked around for her old make-up kit she grabbed it out of the cupboard and put it on the desk next to the mirror she opened it and pulled out another little tub

Make-up..before the virus! she said to herself, She pulled out a silver tub and put some over her eyes she smiled as it shimmer. She then picked up the red again and put some red paint as a flame again and silver glitter on the tips, She pulled out a new red leather top. It was a corset with silver studs down one side. Then a silver tied area going over halving the top diagonally, She put on her old trousers the black leather ones with Red leather strips just above the knee then free underneath.

She smiled at her self and let down her braids she gently tied the top six together and smiled once more.


COME ON!! said Trudy, Ebony exited the room and Amber and Trudy quickly gasped,

What? asked Ebony, Trudy and Amber shrugged and smiled at each other. Sammy walked down the stairs,

Ive to take you now smiled Sammy, The girls followed up the steps and to the purple room. Satin filled the room and pink and purple cushions where everywhere, Ebony, Trudy and Amber looked around the beautiful room with CDs hanging on the walls. Ebony was the first to sit down on some cushions followed by Amber then Trudy. Slade, Jay and Bray entered and sat next to their girls.

Hey smiled Slade, Bray and Amber where kissing privately as where Trudy and Jay less privately.

I missed you today smiled Ebony in return, Slade nodded and rubbed his nose against hers, She giggled quietly, I hope tonightll be worth it she smiled.

It is, now come here he said. He leant in and kissed her mouth gently then moved away she smiled and they kissed passionately. She leant in more as did he,

AHEM! coughed Hope entering with a tray, Bray and Amber looked up, Trudy and Jay looked up and Ebony and Slade looked up, they all smiled as she put down 6 plates each plate had a stuffed pepper on it. Ebony took off the lid of the pepper and was over come by fresh salad.

Sorry its not a hot started the main meal is still cooking you see explained Hope. She left with a smile. Ebony picked up her fork and started eating the lettuce, She smiled at Slade as he ate some of the pepper.

erm... Ebony I didnt want to bring this up but what are you gonna do about the mobs? asked Bray, Ebony sighed everyone could tell she was stressed and Amber suddenly butted in.

Trust you to bring work up. Bray Shut up about work this is a relaxing time tonight alright so shhh and Eat! she said, Bray nodded and headed for his food again. Ebony smiled a thank you and Amber smiled a your welcome smile.


No way laughed the group of friends finishing there dessert.

yeah and he was like yeah my kid just called YOU daddy laughed Trudy impersonating Zoot, Jay smiled and put and arm round her shoulders.

Zoot always talked about Brady sighed Ebony still smiling from the joke, Jay sat forward uncomfortable as Trudy spoke

Really? she said,

yeah then I told him to shut up laughed Ebony.

really said a non-welcoming voice at the door, The girls gasped as Zoot stood in the doorway, Slade stood up with a frown Its okay man Im just here to thank May still havent done it yet.Hope you having a good meal.Ebony oh and Trudy before you ask Brady wouldnt sleep at the hotel so shes in you and Jays room fast asleep ok said Zoot he walked off, Ebony pulled Slade back down still shocked from the appearance of Zoot.

Im gonna head to bed my poor little boy will need his mummy again smiled Amber she stood up and Bray followed her.

yeah Ill go see if Bradys all tucked up, Zoot has a thing with suffocating her when he tucks her in. Night smiled Trudy, Jay followed her.

Ill help YOU clean up smiled Ebony, Slade smiled and grabbed some plates

Okay so grab the juice and put it in the fridge smiled Slade, Ebony smiled and through the remander of orange juice from a cup at him with a laugh. Slade laughed.


Im off okay? asked Ebony

Yeah Ill just put the rest of the remanding food away for whoever wants it and Ill follow you down smiled Slade

okay smiled Ebony, She dragged her feet down the stairs to her and Slades room.


That was nice tonight whispered Trudy loosening up the covers around Brady,

Yeah yummy too smiled Jay he took of his top and got in bed Tiring though he yawned, Trudy smiled and put on her night dress and got in after night Truds smiled Jay kissing her cheek.

night night smiled Trudy she kissed his cheek back and turned off the light.


Oh Bray Bray you missed your mummy huh? Oh shh shh dont cry honey said Amber bouncing Bray up and down in her arms, Bray sniffled and cried Well daddys gonna have to hold you for a minute cause Mummy needs the loo smiled Amber she handed Bray to Bray.

Thanks smiled Bray he cuddled Bray in his arms and by the time Amber was back was fast asleep Night he said as he laid him in his cot, Amber jumped into bed and snuggled up to the duvet as did Bray after he did a last check on the mall and switched off the lights.


Slade groaned and turned over flinging his arm over Ebonys stomach waking her up

Oh Slade could you stop moving for one night she sighed, She got up slowly and walked out I need a drink she whispered, She passed the rooms of the downstairs area and entered the café, She ducked into the fridge and pulled out some ice cubes and bottled water collected from a water pump in the country, She pulled down a cup and placed some ice cubes in it, She put the cup gently and quietly on the surface and poured the water in then replaced it to the fridge still being as quiet as possible.

Where do I go? she heard someone whisper a male voice

Just over there said a girls voice whispering too

its to dark said the guys voice

Oh just go said the girl, The guy walked to the café and Ebony dived behind one of the columns, She peaked out and as the guy opened the fridge the light from the fridge shone to his face, Ebony had to fight back the laughter then she couldnt she let out a quiet giggle and the guy jumped almost dropping one of the two glasses he was holding. Ebony stared as Zoot continued and went back to wherever he had come from. Ebony went back to her room her face turning red from keeping in the laughter as she entered the room she just laughed, Slade groaned once more, winced then tossed over. Ebony jumped back into bed and snuggled up to the pillow still laughing quietly.


Hey smiled Slade appearing in the café Sleep well? asked Slade

Yeah you certainly did said Ebony You where snoring and tossing and turning the Whole night she said, Mouse giggled and Ebony smiled back at her.

Well I slept great smiled Slade

yeah, me to smiled May to herself, Ebony suddenly realized and burst out laughing, She pulled herself away and took May with her

What? asked May confusedly

You where with Zoot last night he jumped when I tried to keep in a laugh at the café smiled Ebony, May gasped and covered her mouth with a hand she laughed Do you like him? asked Ebony

I dunno I never have any luck with guys so I probably shouldnt said May

Thats what I thought but you should go for it..seriously! smiled Ebony, May smiled and left. Ebony walked back to the café the happy group had suddenly turned sad and serious. Ebony gulped as she sat down next to Mouse and Slade, Slade looked at her nervously to and slid a hand on top of hers which rested on her knee, Ebony gained courage and spoke up

Whats happened? she asked loudly, Amber looked up.

Ram, Hes got in ran away literally said Trudy making up for Ambers silence

And..? said Lex angrily

I have no idea WHY you are so angry shouted Amber at Lex, Lex looked up

Because hes changed said Slade speaking for Lex, Lex thanked Slade through a small mouth movement and Slade tipped his head as in saying your welcome. Ebony looked between the mallrats, she knew who she had to go ons side to be finally trusted but she herself wasnt sure, Ram had never spoke anymore of their marriage and when she asked him he said Like you wanted were divorced she guessed she was just to happy about everything being over to mind.

What happened? asked Ebony

Zoot threatened him when he was on his way home after telling us Brady was in bed said Amber, Ebony stopped herself from laughing as she knew she wouldnt tell anyone of Zoot and Mays little rendezvous.

Lex is there any way possible you could prove to me and the mallrats that Rams changed? asked Ebony, Amber seemed impressed as did Jay with her political tactic, Bray seemed shocked.

I dunno maybe you should give him a chance or something said Slade back

But hell know were giving him a chance and then hell finish being nice after that chance when youve made the deal he can stay in! said Mouse desperately adding to the conversation, Ebony smiled at her smart comment

Point taken she said she stood up fast and Slades hand hit hard against the table he groaned and jumped, Trudy looked down to stop herself from laughing Sorry smiled Ebony she flapped her eyelids.

Its okay groaned Slade, Ebony smiled she gulped down her orange juice.

Come on Mouse I need your help smiled Ebony, Mouse jumped up happily and followed Ebony out of the café.

At least shes including her smiled Salene.

Chapter 10:

And? said Mouse confusedly, Ebony smiled

And? And! Mouse just trust me, thats what that means and its kinda important smiled Ebony, Mouse sighed Mouse you are important too you know? You where practically the only one that kept the mall together when Amber and Trudy where fighting over Jay, I was crazy, Lex was away, Sal was drinking and Gel decided she Never Ever had to use her brain said Ebony, Mouse smiled at the Gel part No Mouse seriously, Your one true important MallratI guess you kinda make people come to there senses smiled Ebony she put and arm around Mouses hair.

Can I have braids smiled Mouse randomly, Ebony laughed.


Slade.can I have a word? asked Ruby entering Slade and Ebonys room. She smiled as she sat on a red leather cushioned seat.

Sure smiled Slade, He whirled his computer chair around and faced her.

Well, I just you have any idea where Ram is? asked Ruby her face seemed desperate, Slade smiled and nodded.


Wow Mouse you look amazing smiled Trudy as Mouse walked into the café with braids, Sammy stared happily and Amber and Trudy giggled as they saw Sammys face suddenly change when Amber nudged him.

Oh my hands..last time I did that was like 4 months ago on Hope said Ebony entering after Mouse.

You could do that on Bray at one time and he can look even more like his daddy smiled Amber happily, She put a bottle gently into Brays mouth. Salene entered the café happily and sat across from Sammy but Sammy immediately got up and left, Salene sighed as he left the room.

Still in a mood with you sighed Mouse she put her hand on Salenes

Its my fault smiled Salene sadly.

Hi said Jay and Slade appearing at the entrance exsausted.

Where you been? asked Amber taking the bottle from Bray,

The Hotel, The streets are getting worse Ebony PLEASE try to do something! begged Jay, Ebony sighed

Sivas training more people to fight for the militia, Extra protection. And before anyone says anything. I AM NOT STARTING A LAW! You Saw the mess it made last time! said Ebony

Last time? asked Amber

Yeah Danni and Bray.I mean Bray! smiled Ebony, Amber looked worried

Danni? she asked, Bray entered happily DANNI! said Amber as he picked up Baby Bray, Brays smile dropped

What about her? he asked

There was a Danni! said Amber,

I think well leave said Salene taking Mouse and Gel following with Brady. Ebony and Trudy looked nervous

Well yeah there WAS a Danni! smiled Bray

No Bray! You NEVER told me there was a Danni! said Amber angrily, Bray looked nervous and handed Baby Bray to Trudy who left immediately, Ebony following. Slade and Jay slowly took steps backwards until they where out as the shouting began.


How long now? sighed Ebony lying back on her bed, Trudy laughed and smiled

2 hours she sighed, she sat next to Jay on the small cushioned couch at one end of Slade and Ebonys room, she had swapped baby Bray with Gel for Brady and was playing with her by passing a ball backwards and forwards.

Who was Danni anyway? asked Slade, Jay nodded in agreement with Slades statement.

Brays Ex sighed Trudy, Jay looked around aimlessly. Brady squealed Shes tired Id best take her to bed. See you later smiled Trudy, Jay followed.

I hate when people fight sighed Ebony, Slade smiled

What you saying weve never fought he said

Oh no Never smiled Ebony, Her and Slade laughed and as they where about to kiss. Zoot passed he door Zoot! she said shocked.

May! smiled Zoot and ran off

Okay then! said Slade he kissed her. May and him and item? he asked, Ebony nodded and returned his kiss.




YOU LOVED HER! YOU SAID YOU HAD ALWAYS, ALWAYS LOVED ME..YOU LIED!! screamed Amber, tears drenched her cheeks

I WAS DOING FINE BEFORE TRUDY CAME SHE JUST CAME IN TIME TO GRAB YOUR SONS HEAD TO PULL HIM OUT cried Amber, Mouse winced at the thought of Baby Bray coming out of her tummy, Amber cried hard.


Ebony and Slade lay kissing passionately on their bed but where soon disturbed by a crash.

WHAT THE! jumped Ebony, Slade followed and they both ran to the noise, Amber lay on the floor, blood seeped from her cheek as she lay unconscious, Bray stared down at the broken plate next to her, Ebony gasped. Lex cradled Amber in his arms

Get out whispered Ebony

No thanks Ill just go to bed smiled Bray he took a few steps away, Ebony grabbed his arm and spun him round

Get out! she said getting angrier

Why? asked Bray


Fine Ebony but remember one thing, I will always be the true leader to the mallrats Ebony shook her head Yes! And you, you COW will never EVER be a MALLRATS! shouted Bray he hit Ebony to the ground she stared up at him her hand on her cheek and sat up the frown went through her face as Bray smiled, Jay held back Slade from running up to him and beating him. Zoot watched in horror at his changed brother, Bray walked out and Slade ran to Ebony
You okay? he asked desperately and repeatedly, Ebony gently pushed him away with her hand as she stood up and smiled

Get Amber to a bed, now! Mouse, Sammy take Brady and Baby Bray back to bed and then go to bed. Gel can you see Sammy and Mouse to bed. Salene you go get some sleep and dont worry, Zoot please round up the militia for them to search for Bray, Get the mall heavily secure Siva, and Mega get the cameras out. Hope and Jack can you go on camera patrol. Slade, Jay check the roofs please! And anyone that doesnt have something to do can come here! commanded Ebony

I dont said a voice from the entrance to the mall, everyone turned and faced Ram I saw Bray he looked desperate couldnt ask him why he was running. The south side explained Ram,

Thank you Ram. Zoot the militia you set up take Ram with you okay hell be helpful smiled Ebony, Ram smiled back and Slade did a friendly wink at him. Okay. LETS GO! shouted Ebony, Lex carried Amber gently up the stairs with Trudy following with towels, and cloths and a bucket full of hot water. Slade put on his red leather jacket as he was heading up the stairs he turned to the dazed Ebony and went back down

See you later he smiled, Ebony smiled and nodded he kissed her forehead and headed back up the stairs, Ebony pulled his arm and pulled him into a hug

That was so scary she whispered her head hidden against his shoulder, Slade smiled and stroked a few of her braids Anyways you need to goSee you later she smiled, Slade kissed her lips quickly

You need to calm down okay. Ill be back in an hour and a bit, I have my walky talky if you need me okay? smiled Slade, Ebony nodded and kissed him back

COME ON SLADE! said Jay at the top of the steps. Slade put up his hand as if waving to Ebony she smiled and put hers up replying silently.


How is she? asked Ebony appearing at Ambers door just as Lex left.

She responded to the medicine and is just sleeping now her breathings become normal but that cut, that cuts bad said Trudy pulling the covers up to her chin,

Will she be okay? asked Ebony, Trudy nodded,

Hopefully she smiled Hopefully she sighed to herself I cant believe Bray did that said Trudy, Ebony nodded and agreed, Im gonna try get some sleep. Promise me youll go to bed soon too smiled Trudy, Ebony nodded and left Ambers room and Brays former room.


Found him said Ram and Zoot hurling Bray to the floor in the centre of the mall

Put him in the cage! said Slade and Jay appearing angrily

Oh are Slade and Jay all upset blubbed Bray, he laughed evilly as the militia took him away.

Night said Jay nervously leaving, Slade left for his and Ebonys bedroom.


Slade what happened said Ebony running in after Slade, Slade had his top of he turned so his back was facing her, She saw the huge cut over his back and gasped. She walked over and gently stroked it, Slade winced in pain You should have told me, you idiot! said Ebony. She dived under the bed and pulled out a box that said first aid kit on it. Slade smiled and she gently put dressings over his back.

It hurts whispered Slade

Well yet again you should of told it was Bray wasnt it? asked Ebony, Slade nodded gently.

Please dont say anything Ebony! begged Slade

I wont smiled Ebony. They hugged.


Morning! smiled Amber, Ebony smiled So did you sleep well is Slade okay. Bray slept well I mean Baby Bray I dont know any other Bray! said Amber. Ebony raised an eyebrow and smiled

Youre aloud to care! I care about Java still! smiled Ebony

Yeah I know I just find it hard! said Amber, Trudy entered also not to happy. She slammed down a tray across from Amber and they started to talk fast to each other. Ebony had stopped listening after about 5 minutes and sat in a dream at the table.


EBONY! shouted Mouse

Oh what!? asked Ebony jumping

Can I sit here? said Mouse angrily who had obviously been standing there a while

Oh yeah sure smiled Ebony moving her tray over a bit.

Thanks! Whats up? asked Mouse

Oh nothing much you? asked Ebony finishing some cereal

Nope nothing smiled Mouse happily.

Ebony smiled and nodded.


Chapter 11:

When will we do it? asked Amber

Well as soon as possible..tomorrow hopefully said Ebony

Wholl be judge? asked Amber

I was hoping you but it wouldnt be fair because its with Bray as well smiled Ebony

You then? asked Trudy

Yeah Ebony will! smiled Amber

Okay cool can I do your robe? asked Mouse

Robe? asked Trudy smiling

Yeah you do need a robe you can help me Mouse smiled Salene.

Okay whatever said Ebony

All most of us care about is making sure Ram and Bray and Java are dealt with said Slade, Lex sighed and walked off,

Whats up his back? asked May, Everyone shrugged.

Heres Mummy! smiled Zoot holding Bradys hand as he entered. Brady giggled and ran and hugged Trudy. May smiled at Zoot as did he back to her. Ebony rolled her eyes as did a couple of other mallrat members

WE ALL KNOW NOW! smiled Trudy, May looked round

We have seen the way you look at each other you know! smiled Amber. May smiled as did Zoot. Ebony pushed her and they ran to each other and embraced.

Anyway back to business! said Hope turning from the kissing couple

Can you guys start up the Amulet again? So people have other ways than City Net to get to know things said Ebony

Sure smiled Jack, Ellie looked out of it slightly Ellie well need your help too said Jack

No Jack I dont wanna but Ill help get some supplies if you want? asked Ellie

Yeah thatll be cool smiled Hope. Luke smiled and kissed Ellies cheek.


Hey! smiled Ebony, Slade turned around in the computer chair

Hi what you doing here? he asked

Coming to talk about the Rota. The share of jobs between his Zootists and Militia and my militia and you? asked Ebony sitting on the desk next the computer Slade was at.

Getting out of the mallNo I was checking on Java! said Slade, Ebony smiled. Slade moved his head up and Ebony looked down they both moved into kiss one another

Heres the Rotas! smiled Zoot then stopped smiling as he saw the almost kiss almost happen Sorry but here you go! said Zoot

I noticed your taking down the Ebonys palace sign! smiled Ebony

Yeah! You know it doesnt really.suit me! smiled Zoot. Ebony smiled and laughed as did Slade but he looked at his computer screen.

Here she is! said Slade clicking into the middle of the screen. A large picture of her came up on another HUGE screen attached to the computer

She still in solitary confinement? asked Ebony

Yeah Im off to talk to her smiled Slade, He pulled over the microphone and clicked once more Java its Slade here! said Slade into the microphone. Java looked up

What? she groaned. She had been crying as you could see her tears everywhere over her face.

Here Slade let me! said Ebony she grabbed the microphone off him Hey sis. Its Ebs! smiled Ebony

Ebony! said Java suddenly appearing desperate. More tears streamed down her face Ebony please help me! I need out! begged Java

Youll be let out but only for your court case said Ebony, Zoot and Slade both could tell Ebony felt deeply sorry for her sister

When?! asked Java appearing happily I just need fresh air! Ebony gave up

Well move you into somewhere warmer. Nicer tonight and then the case is tomorrow! said Ebony, Zoot and Slade looked questioningly at her here in the hotel not out in one of the old lifts in the underground car park the lift that we could never fix! said Ebony In a nice room in the hotel! smiled Ebony. Java smiled

Thank you Thank you so much! begged and thanked Java appearing extremely and genuinely please. Ebony switched off and clicked her fingers. 2 Zootists appeared

Get my sister out and bring her here.Now! said Ebony. The girls ran off to get Java Thanks Zoot your great for letting her stay here! smiled Ebony she left, Slade followed and Zoot sat with his mouth fully opened.


Hey Hope! smiled Ebony

Hiya! replied Hope smiling. She pointed to the working printer Theyll be out before sun down smiled Hope happily

Jack not helping you? asked Ebony

Yeah hes left to look for more paper! smiled Hope

Oh I see cool! smiled Ebony

Yeah, Come sit down smiled Hope. She through off Jacks jacket from their bed and flung it on a couch. Ebony sat at the end of the bed Hope sat down next to her, Hows Slade? asked Hope

Oh hes good, Yeah hes good smiled Ebony, Hope smiled back Hows Jack and You still going okay? asked Ebony, Hope nodded

Yeah fine! she smiled. Ebony smiled back.

Hope whats wrong you seem.weird said Ebony, Hope looked down at the bed spread Hope come on you know you can tell me anything! said Ebony desperately.

I think me and Jack are kinda.drifting said Hope. She looked directly into Ebonys eyes and saw the truth in them know like you and the end! said Hope trying to make up for her lack of speech.

I think hes as much in love with you than ever! said Ebony But if you really want my advice. I say you talk to him my and Slade stopped talking for a while and had our ups and downs but you need to talk to keep it alive smiled Ebony, Hope smiled

Thanks Ill talk to him.tonight smiled Hope. Ebony smiled and left Hope to think for a while.


Hey! Glad you could be bothered showing up! smiled Jay

Im early! said Ebony

I know sorry Im a bit stressed out said Jay

awww poor wee Jay! smiled Ebony she sat on a couch Wheres Trudy? asked Ebony

Her and Amber are helping Sammy and Mouse and Brady with some reading! smiled Jay, Ebony smiled as Mega and Siva entered. Siva sat down next to Ebony and smiled at her and Jay she missed eye contact with Mega and it was obvious to Ebony and Jay that theyd had a fight.

Okay then, Lets start said Ebony letting her confidence drop


Chapter 12:

NO MEGA STOP! shouted Siva and Ebony

But we could Power could be ours said Mega desperately. Siva looked down

Excuse me she said as she left almost in tears, Ebony shook her head and looked at Mega.

Mega GIVE IN TO POWER!! I did and now I have it! smiled Ebony she stormed off.


Hey Ebony! smiled Zoot, Ebony smiled back she stood up and hugged him as he entered

Hows May? asked Ebony

Good thanks he smiled I have a proposition for you smiled Zoot

Oh really? What would that be? asked Ebony, Zoot smirked.


Ebony looked angry as she threw some peas into her mouth.

Ebony are you okay? asked Slade looking embarrassed and worried

Yes Im fine Slade said Ebony sternly

Okay then said Slade looking away from her.

Hey Ebony, I need your help.for this afternoon is that okay? asked Amber happily sitting down across from Slade and Ebony, Ebony nodded.

Excuse me said Ebony. She left the café in a rush pushing past Zoot who turned worriedly after her. Slade frowned as he sat down with May.

Whats up with her? asked Trudy
I havent a clue sighed Slade Listen Ill go talk to her see you all later smiled Slade.


Hey what is wrong with you? asked Slade angrily at Ebony

Its Zoot Im sick of him! said Ebony in reply

How? asked Slade

He asked me to ride in the police car againto look after the city give them a safety thing explained Ebony angrily

You shouldyou need to smiled Slade Give the City protection fighters will be to scared to enter because of the police car smiled Slade, Ebony frowned as she thought over what Slade said.


Hey I accept said Ebony

I told the mallrats said Zoot, Ebony looked around at the staring faces and added a short smile

When? she asked

Tomorrow morning.Ill make an announcement..but nothing to make you look like a threat to the city just making you look like the person who has sorted me out smiled Zoot, Ebony nodded and smiled

Oh we have another announcement said Zoot, He put his arm around May Mays pregnant smiled Zoot. Trudys smile dropped then she smiled again. The mallrats all smiled and congratulated.

Chapter 13:

Slade giggled Ebony; Slade dived up from under the covers still on top of Ebony.

You called he smiled, Ebony laughed but was hushed Someone might come and see what all the commotion was how funny would that be if Mouse came said Slade, Ebony had to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing; She moved her hands and giggled silently. Slade kissed her wildly.


Good morning smiled Ebony; she rolled on top of Slade

Hello smiled Slade, Coming for breakfast? asked Slade

Ya! smiled Ebony, Slade laughed quietly at Ebonys hyperness.


HEY! smiled Ebony loudly to the rest of the mallrats; they all turned around strangely and said

Hey Ebony smiled again and sat down and said trying to whisper to Slade

Aww their all enthusiastic she smiled, the mallrats laughed to themselves. Slade smiled and nodded and rolled his eyes looking about scared of her hyperness. Ebony suddenly became depressed Aww its memory day today she groaned ah well time gets the better of you sometimes but Im still happy! she said suddenly getting happy again.

Ebony are you okay? asked Amber stopping herself from laughing

Oh yeah, Kinda Hyper smiled Ebony

I guessed said Trudy and Amber in unison, the giggled quietly with each other.


Ebony are you coming? shouted Zoot through the mall

Yep! smiled Ebony, She kissed Slade again and left the room.


Okay I remember where everything else Zoot! said Ebony pushing him further into the car

Okay then lets go! shouted Zoot. The car sped off, Ebony smiled as she stood up, She let down her braids allowing the wind to blow them back. Remember this Ebony? asked Zoot, Ebony nodded and smiled. They circled the perimeter of the city checking all security through alleyways checking there was no strays because if there was they would direct them to somewhere they could get food and a bed for a night. Ebony smiled at her finally almost normal city but she couldnt help but wonder what was out there and if anything else was going to be coming. Her thoughts where broken by the car stopping

Hey smiled Slade, Ebony looked down and smiled. She crawled out as Zoot did his usual and jumped over the bonnet. Ebony smiled and clicked her fingers, Zoot and his militia went back into the car without her You go ahead smiled Slade

Okay smiled Ebony, as she walked up the streets Slade grabbed Zoot. He held him tight around the neck

You do anything to her..and Ill kill it! warned Slade, Zoot gave in to Slades might and nodded almost like a baby. Good Im glad we have an understanding smiled Slade, He let go of Zoot and caught up with Ebony and carried on walking with her.

What was that about? asked Ebony
I was warning Zoot smiled Slade, Ebony looked at him and stopped him I dont want him hurting you okay thats all explained Slade, Ebony shrugged and carried on walking with Slade beside her.


Amber can I talk to you? asked Ebony, Amber smiled and nodded. She followed Ebony out on top of the roof. The two girls allowed the wind to swallow them and the sighed in rhythm I love Slade so muchbut what is hes too protective said Ebony worriedly

No one can be too protective..tell him how you feel Ebony. Im sure Jays the kinda guy to understand said Amber kindly, Ebony smiled

Thanks Ill try said Ebony

Dont worry Ebony itll be fine smiled Amber, Ebony smiled back at her.


Ebony! shouted May desperately through the mall, Ebony looked out her room

Yeah? asked Ebony, May pushed her back in her room gently Whats wrong? asked Ebony, May looked nervous and upset, however she smiled.

Im pregnant..but I dont know how to tell Zoot said May worriedly, Ebony hugged her in congratulations

Zoot.mmmm tough one but itll be fine just blurt it out seriously if it doesnt work come back to me smiled Ebony

Okay that wasnt what I was expecting said May, Ebony laughed and sent her away to tell Zoot.


Hey smiled Slade

Hi replied Ebony Not seen you much today she smiled

I know..we had better make up for that eh? asked Slade, Ebony smiled they kissed passionately. Slade smiled and hugged her Sorry for being over protective he said

Amber told you didnt she? asked Ebony, Slade nodded, Ebony smiled and shook her head, Slade kissed her again but their kisses where soon interrupting by banging on the gate. Slade jumped out of the room as Ebony followed forgetting to put on her boots.


What groweled Slade

Sorry the grill was closed I need to speak to May smiled Zoot, Ebony sighed and went back to her room as Slade opened it for him.

Slade re-entered the room

Where were we? he asked, Ebony giggled.

Chapter 14:

Hey sighed Zoot entering the café

Hiyoure here said Amber confusedly

Yeah is that a problem its just May needed to know I was there sighed Zoot

Why? asked Trudy and Amber prying

Because I guess you may as well know me and May are having a baby and before you say anything Trudy, No I wont leave Brady alone then said Zoot, Trudy shrugged

Speaking of Babys said Trudy, Jay stood near her Im having another kid! said Trudy, Amber smiled and hugged Trudy

Hey whats going on? asked Ebony and Slade entering the café.

Im having a baby smiled Trudy, Ebony smiled and then looked angrily at Jay

and Zoot told you him and May where having a kid to yeah? asked Slade, everyone nodded

You told Slade? asked May angrily

Sorry but its kinda hard not too! said Ebony, May shrugged.


Its weird how so many people are having kids sighed Slade

I know said Ebony nervously

Whats wrong? asked Slade, Ebony looked around Your not? he asked. Ebony rolled her eyes and nodded worriedly Slade smiled happily. They kissed romantically.

But Im not totally sure yet so well wait a while yeah? asked Ebony Before we tell the others! smiled Ebony, Slade nodded and hugged her again.


Ram please you have to be joking.not now! begged Slade, Ram shrugged

Your medicine will only keep you alive another month sighed Ram obviously feeling upset, Slade looked around nervously

Okay thanks anyway mate you gave 3 years extra life what more can I ask for smiled Slade, Ram sighed and tried to smiled but was to angry with himself.


Hey Ebony dont cry whispered Slade hugging her

How can I not she whimpered I love you and now Im losing you she cried

No I know this may seem a cheesy line but Ill always be with you okay? asked Slade, Ebony nodded and bit her lip, Slade removed his favourite ring and slid it on Ebonys engagement finger Here take this and you can pass it on to our kid but I want you to be happy and not to be upset and get on with your life for our little girl smiled Slade Remember we both said that we would have a girl smiled Slade, Ebony nodded weakly and stared at the ring Through that ring Ill always be loving you and there for you smiled Slade, Ebony smiled and they hugged each other but tears flowed from her eyes as she hugged him and stared over his shoulder.


Chapter 15:

I HAVE A WEEK LEFT WITH SLADE AND YOUR ASKING IF THERES SOMETHING WRONG ARE YOU CRAZY! screamed Ebony angrily, Siva looked upset at her sister Im sorry but it could be tonight whispered Ebony But Ive not to get upset said Ebony telling herself.

Itll be fine Ebony, Youll see and Slade well Slade will always be with you smiled Siva, Ebony hugged her sister and left to see Slade. As she was entering their room she stared at the almost dead but still very much alive body and sighed she listened to him coughing,

Itll be soon Slade whispered Ram, Slade nodded as Ram left. Ebony smiled entering the room she kissed Slade romantically

Thats the only thing your still able to do she smiled crawling under the covers and switching the lights off, Slade laughed but coughed again.

Love you Ebony okay? asked Slade

I love you too Slade smiled Ebony, She gripped his hand hard as he did back. As he slowly fell asleep his hand usually never lost grip but tonight it was loosening off. Ebony jumped up and switched on the light she called out to Ram and Amber and the others. They came flying down the stairs but stayed away from Slades room, Ebony stood outside Siva had her arm over Ebonys shoulders the other mallrats sat on the stairs as Ram did a check up, After 10 minutes Ram came out and nodded his head. Ebony burst into tears and re-entered the mall

I give it about 30 minutes and then hell be officially gone sighed Ram, Amber covered her mouth in shock she leant against the wall and looked in on Ebony and Slade talking.


Yeah so you know I love you coughed Slade And Ill always be here okay? he smiled, A single tear dripped from Ebonys face as she tried to smiled Hey I told you dont cry smiled Slade he placed his hand on her cheek, Ebony put her hand on top of his Come here! he smiled. They kissed intimately and hugged, As the hugged Ebony felt his arms drop she moved away from him smiling but her smile faded as she saw Slade lying still his chest not moving and his eyes shut. Ebony fell into tears as did Amber at the site she removed herself from the room and hugged Trudy both very upset but trying to hide it. Hope bit her bottom lip trying to stop herself from crying as Jack hugged her, Siva looked nervously through the door to see Ebony.

Ebony lay on top of Slade her head and arms spread over his chest, She was drenched with tears as she sobbed for him to wake up just once more. Ram looked around and tried to not cry himself.


Slade please! begged Ebony she shook him hard but then fell on his weak body again in tears, She let all the years of keeping the tears in out and let tears take over her. Lex put his arm around Siva and Siva turned to him and hugged him in tears. Siva walked into the room with Lex there as a support. Siva walked over beside Ebony who spun round and hugged her sister.

Hes gone she whimpered, Siva scrunched up her eyes stopping the tears to flow as she hugged her sister back and she bit her lip trying so hard not to cry I have to be strong for Ebony she thought in her head she let a single tear out and never allowed anymore to come while in Ebonys presence.


Chapter 16:

Hey smiled Amber appearing at Ebonys door, Ebony sat up from the bed Its almost been 2 months, Your rooms starting to smell and well your putting on weight smiled Amber, Ebony sighed and swung her legs over the side of the bed, Amber came up to her and sat beside her. Slade wouldnt want you like this said Amber

I know he told me himself before he died whispered Ebony He died she said louder, She looked at Amber and fell into her shoulder in tears.


Hows Ebony? asked Bray

Shell be fine.I think said Amber handing Bray through some cereal she had noticed a slight change in him one that made him seem more like before she smiled.

Im sorry whispered Bray, Amber looked at him
So you said it she smiled

Yeah he said nervously. Amber smiled My final trial soon then said Bray part of the mallrats or not or banishment sighed Amber Thing is it depends on what I say! said Amber she left Bray in his cage.


Ebony sighed she stared down at what she was wearing

Ive gotta preserve you not wear you your Slades favourite outfit she said she stared at the outfit she was gonna wear for when she got bigger she stared at her bear stomach and wincer Im too fat and I cant rip you, Your Slades she smiled, She took of Slades favourite outfit and hung it up neatly spraying it to freshen it up. She slipped on the outfit that was clingy around the top half of her body and her stomach and she slipped on her leather flares she still however kept her black and red look. She topped off her make-up and put on her flat shoes, She stroked her stomach and did some tidying up of her room. She looked blankly into the mirror I wonder if anythings changed she sighed to herself. She placed her hand on her stomach and made her way out of her room for the first time in months.

As she walked through the mall headed for the café she sighed. She took a deep breath and entered. The mallrats stared as she sat down and they all suddenly smiled. Ebony smiled and stared at them all. Trudy came down the stairs and smiled at Ebony

Hey your back! she said happily, Ebony nodded as Trudy sat down.

You still pregnant? asked Ebony, Trudy looked sadly down at her food

She had a miscarriage explained Jay

Oh Im sorry smiled Ebony kindly, Trudy looked up and smiled

Its not your fault she said happily I still have Brady and Jay! she smiled happily.

ErmI have something to say paused Ebony, All the mallrats looked up even Mouse, Sammy and Brady who where playing Im no sorry me and Slade are having a baby smiled Ebony all the mallrats burst out happily congratulating her excitedly.


Ebony struggled to get up from her lying down position it was hard being fat she thought. It had been another 4 months and she was due in a week, She hadnt forgotten Slade but wasnt upset now. She smiled as she looked at a picture and kissed it.
Itll be soon Slade she said to the picture.

She made her way out of her room and  to the café, She grabbed her stomach in pain and the next thing she knew she was in labour.

Okay shhhh Ebony shhhh said Amber stroking her forehead and holding her hand tight. Ebony screamed in pain and grabbed Ambers hand tighter.

SLADE SHOULD BE HERE! she screamed

He is! said Trudy, Ebony frowned and screamed again

Your doing great.the heads out! shouted Jay over the screaming, Amber took his place and Ebony grabbed the pillow tight and bit it because she was in so much pain.

shhhh sighed Jay as a baby screamed, Amber wrapped it in a clean white towel and handed it to Ebony

Its a boy smiled Amber, Ebony looked up

I thought it would be a girl she said

No its a boy smiled Amber, Ebony took the baby from her and hugged it, She stared down at her son and smiled as he stuck his arm up and tried to grab a braid, Ebony smiled and laughed slightly

Oh my sonSlade smiled Ebony, As she looked at her baby Slade a tear dripped from her eye and she knew that would be her final tear in a while Everythings gonna be alright she thought to herself Isnt is Slade, Everything will be fine she said aloud. The baby whimpered and Ebony hugged it tight.



Sequel will come soon!


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