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Part 3 - The Search for the Countess's

Part 3 to the Royal Family Trilogy - The Search for the Countess (Sequel to The Princes Time which was Sequel to The Queens Thoughts)


Chapter 1:

Ebony played with Slade Jr. gently on the bed. He giggled and through a teddy at her playfully, Ebony gently laughed and made the teddy touched Slade Jr.s cheek like it was kissing him. Slade Jr. giggled and hugged the teddy.

Slade wandered into the room holding the bottle full of warm milk, he handed it kindly to Ebony.

Thanks smiled Ebony, Slade smiled and sat down on the bed as Ebony picked up Slade Jr. and began feeding him.

Hey, You know how you said you wanted to find my sisters? asked Slade,

Yeah? smiled Ebony.

Well.when? smiled Slade,

Soon, Ill ask for help from Siva and Java, Theyll search the files for me first off. You know it might be hard though sighed Ebony still feeding Slade Jr.

Yeah I know, Its just I dont know if theyll be okay sighed Slade, Ebony gently put her hand on his cheek and smiled reassuringly.

It will be okay smiled Ebony, Slade smiled.


Ebony lay next to Slade, She listened closely to his breathing. He groaned and rolled over. Ebony smiled and kissed his shoulder gently. He groaned again and rolled over. Ebony closed her eyes gently but opened them suddenly as Slade Jr. began to whimper. Ebony yawned and got up slowly.

Slade Jr.s whimper got louder until he was in an all out scream. Ebony quickened her pace through to the little room off of Slade and Hers. She smiled and picked up Slade Jr. gently. He lay his head on her shoulder and began playing with a braid but was still crying softly. Ebony smiled and hushed him as she gently bobbed him up and down. She began walking through to the café, supporting Slade Jr. with her hand on his head and arm around his delicate waist. She hushed him as she carried on walking.

shhh she hushed quietly in his ear.

She quickened her pace into the café and put some boiling water on. She grabbed a bottle of milk and put it in the boiling water to heat it up.

Amber groaned and appeared holding Baby Bray. She smiled kindly at Ebony.

Hey can you sove a bottle in the water for me please smiled Amber, Ebony nodded and grabbed another bottle and put it in the boiling water.

Couldnt he sleep? asked Ebony, Amber shook his head

I think hes sick sighed Amber sitting down at one of the café seats and putting her hand to his forehead to check the temperature His temperatures a little bit up sighed Amber, Ebony grabbed her bottle out of the water and checked the temperature. She gently took of the lid and placed some milk on her tongue to double check that it wasnt to hot. She smiled and put the top of the milk bottle in Slade Jr.s mouth. He began sucking.

Hes probably just got a cold said Ebony stroking Slade Jr.s head as he sucked the bottle.

Yeah probably, I better check my bottle yawned Amber. Ebony smiled.

See you in the morning smiled Ebony, Amber smiled as Ebony left the café.


Ebony burped Slade Jr. nad layed him down gently into his cot.

Night Sunshine whispered Ebony yawning, Slade Jr. giggled and his eyes began to blink shut. Ebony smiled and headed back to bed. She yawned and closed her eyes and was abruptly out cold from tiredness as soon as her head hit the pillow.


Chapter 2:

Slade blinked his eyes until they opened, He yawned and got up quickly. He smiled as Ebony still slept silently. He slipped on his shirt and went through to get Slade Jr. He picked his son up gently and Slade Jr. giggled and rested his head on Slades chest.

Come on Lets give your mum a rest smiled Slade kissing Slade Jr.s head gently.


Slade wandered through to the café, Trudy, Bray, Amber and Gel sat eating their breakfast. Slade smiled and sat Slade Jr. next to Baby Bray on a high seat.

Sleep Well? asked Trudy kindly.

Yeah great, I was out cold smiled Slade grabbing some orange juice and a little pot of baby food. Slade Jr. screamed slightly and grabbed the little tea spoon away from Slade Okay Okay, Calm Down sighed Slade sitting next to Slade Jr. and twisting the baby food pot lid off the pot mmmmm Carrot and Potatoe, Mushed together. Arent you a lucky boy said Slade sarcastically. Amber smiled and put the last spoon full of her baby food in Baby Brays mouth.

Wheres Ebony? asked Bray,

In Bed, Shes really tired. She must have gotten up whenever he cried last night sighed Slade, Bray laughed Whats so funny? asked Slade getting a little angry.

I can just imagine Ebony letting the baby cry out laughed Bray. Slade looked sternly at Bray but kept his mouth shut. He looked at his son andbegan feeding him.

Bray said Amber embarrassedly.

Its just my opinion sighed Bray I still cant believe she has a kid smirked Bray.

Well she does okay snapped Slade.

Calm Down Slade sighed Amber, Gel bit her lip and grabbed some orange juice as others entered the café. Jay sat down next to Trudy holding Brady fatherly.

Whats everyone up to today? asked Amber breaking through the stone cold silence, Gel, Sammy, Mouse and Lottie shrugged How about we get about painting the main room, It could do with some decoration smiled Amber,

YEAH! Sammy, Mouse and Lottie said in unison.

Oh Okay sighed Gel. Slade continued to feed Slade Jr. happily.

You look like such a family man smirked Jay,

So do you smirked Slade in reply.

Why thank you, I try smiled Jay, Slade laughed slightly Wheres Ebony? asked Jay, Slade pointed his thumb to Ebony and his room.

Still in bed, Shes really tired sighed Slade. Jay nodded.

She should be having to look after such a small kid in a world like this sighed Jay.

Yeah well, I think I do, do my bit to help you know said Slade. Jay smirked.

Oh I know said Ebony yawning and appearing behind Slade. Slade smiled and turned around Do you think you dont get enough credit, Awww Didums smirked Ebony, Slade stuck out his tongue and Ebony patted the top of his head slightly. Slade Jr. giggled and flung his spoon down on the ground.

Ewww, You can clear that up smiled Ebony at Slade Pleeease smiled Ebony putting on puppy dog eyes. Slade smirked.

Fine he said.

What are you doing today? asked Bray, Ebony shrugged.

I think I gotta go sort out some problem at the Jackals sighed Ebony yawning again.

Right, Well were decorating the mall and stuff so can you try and get back for then? asked Bray, Ebony nodded and stroked Slade Jr.s head gently. Bray watched on at Ebony looking at her son so caringly.

Okay Bray, Really what is your problem? asked Ebony suddenly.

What do you mean? asked Bray, Ebony stared at him.

I saw you staring at me, I amnt blind snapped Ebony. Bray shook his head.

Its noting sorry sighed Bray.

You dont think Im a good mum do you? said Ebony suddenly, She bit her lip angrily.

I dont, Its just I still cant see you as a mum sighed Bray, Amber grabbed his arm.

Shh Amber said angrily. Bray stood up and left. Ebony sighed, The café was tense. She flung the glass of the table angrily Ebony! snapped Amber.

Im off said Ebony in reply. Slade looked at his son and bit his lip.

See, Told you she was tired sighed Slade. Mouse giggled.


Chapter 3:

Ebony got changed quickly and flung up her braids. Slade entered the room holding Slade Jr.

Im going to the sort the Jackal thing out early sighed Ebony Before you ask

You okay? asked Slade.

Yeah Why? asked Ebony,

Bray didnt mean what he said sighed Slade, Ebony scoffed.

How do you know!? asked Ebony, Slade shrugged Sorry, Im just tired sighed Ebony, Slade nodded.

I know smiled Slade kindly, Ebony smiled Listen about my sisters, I was thinking we could do a search for them tonight said Slade, Ebony nodded Oh and Ebony, Ill deal with the Jackals and our son okay? You just get some sleep smiled Slade. Ebony smiled and crawled into bed and fell fast asleep.


She sleeping? asked Siva, Slade nodded and handed her Slade Jr. Hey, Sladey aunty Sivas gonna look after you today smiled Siva See you later smiled Siva.

See you smiled Slade, He gently put his hand on Slades head and smiled See you kiddo smiled Slade, Ill come and get him after I come home okay? asked Slade, Siva nodded.


Slade wandered through the city, He entered the Jackals den proudly.

Im here for Ebony sighed Slade, The Jackals stepped forth.

We need you to choose from between these 2 guys as our leader said a young girl.

Fine.Say a speech smirked Slade.


Did I sleep all that time? asked Ebony stretching, Slade smiled and nodded Good, Cause I feel okay now, not tired but unfresh. Im just gonna have a shower okay? smiled Ebony, Slade nodded.

Ill go get Slade Jr. okay smiled Slade, Ebony nodded.


Ah, Fresh and revived smiled Ebony kissing Slade Jr.s forehead and Slades cheek Is it sister searching time now? asked Ebony, Slade smiled and layed Slade Jr. down in his cot.

Yeah smiled Slade.

Ebony grabbed the lap top quickly. Slades face glowed as she booted up the computer.


Here I got the disk said Slade handing Ebony a disk.

How do you get it in? asked Ebony looking at the lap top, Slade laughed and pointed to the slat in the side of it Oh yeah right, thanks smiled Ebony. Ebony typed Whats there names again, Ada, Eva.? Said Ebony.

Brea smiled Slade, Ebony typed in the names.

There in some Tribe, called the Pheonixs sighed Ebony, She clicked again Eva and a guy called Cameron no sorry Camy are the leaders explained Ebony.

They have a Tribe! said Slade in utter shock, Ebony smiled and clicked again.

There on the outskirts of some town, Near Liberty sighed Ebony.

Okay do we get there? asked Slade, Ebony shrugged.

Here it might tell you something. Click again said Ebony handing the laptop to him. Slade typed furiously and violently. Lines of concentration grew on his face.

FOUND THEM! shouted Slade suddenly, Ebony looked at the lap top screen.

Okay, Now how do we get to them? asked Ebony, Slade laughed and shrugged.

My bike I guess smiled Slade, Ebony smiled.


Chapter 4:

Shhh, Hes not settling said Ebony worriedly, Slade looked at Slade Jr. worriedly.

Maybe hes ill said Slade, Ebony shook her head.

I dont think so.SIVA! Shes great with sick people! said Ebony,

Its to late at night said Slade, Ebony shook her head.

Believe me if its for her nephew shell be up said Ebony, Slade smiled.


siva! whispered Ebony SIVA! shouted Ebony, Siva jumped up.

WHAT!? snapped Siva shocked.

Slade Jr. Hes ill said Ebony, Siva looked worriedly at Ebony Its genetic sighed Ebony, Siva shook her head.

It cant be, Heric only died because.. Siva stalled He might have it

No whispered Ebony, Siva nodded.

It was about this age that Nathan our cousin died and Heric our little brother, We found out that was genetic said Siva In all child boys in our family said Siva.

Oh great so my sons dying then snapped Ebony,

We wont know okay! said Siva, A tear slipped down Ebonys cheek.

I knew that STUPID ILLNESS would come back to haunt me! said Ebony upset, Siva hugged Ebony.

Sorry. Listen though. It might not be he might be miracle child said Siva.

Whatever, I better go tell Slade said Ebony, She snatched back Slade Jr. upset.


WHAT!? said Slade seriously shocked.

I forgot about it, but my stupid cursed family. Ebony put Slade Jr. down in his cot. Slade hugged Ebony close to him. Tears welled up in her eyes and she bitterly wepted.


Im so sorry said Amber comfortingly, Ebony shook her head.

It hasnt happened yet sighed Siva

Yeah well Siva, you know the night before Heric died he started crying consistenly, his faced turned bluey-purple and he was chocking. Thats exactly what Slade Jr. was like last night sighed Ebony. Slade Jr. began to scream. Ebony and Slade dived through to the room. The others followed. Ebony picked up Slade Jr. gently and kissed his forhead. Slade stroked his hair as he began to choke repeatedly.

Siva whispered Amber,

This is it sighed Siva almost in tears. Gel covered her mouth with her hand.

Shhh, Please Slade Jr. Please whispered Ebony holding him close. Slade stood stone-cold but carried on stoking Slade Jr.s head. Slade Jr. Coughed repeatedly and choked harder and harder. Bubbles started to come from his mouth and his eyes began to close. Ebony handed Slade the baby and ran to the sink and washed her face of tears, upsettedly.

Ebony Quick! said Slade, Ebony dived over. The two held their son between them. Slade Jr.s eyes opened and closed and opened and.closed.

Chapter 5:

Ebony stood on the roof, The wind blew her braids everywhere. Slade opened the roof door and walked over to Ebony.

You think he would have liked it up here? asked Ebony, Slade smiled slightly and nodded, I cant believe hes gone sighed Ebony.

Ebony I know he was only little but he would have never wanted us to be upset for to long said Slade trying to reassure.

Was he anything like me? asked Ebony.

Sure he was smiled Slade, He put a gentle hand on her shoulder and faced her.

Well then he wouldve wanted us to be upset. Hed want all the sympathy in the world just like I probably would said Ebony blankly.

Ebony, He cried said Slade You dont cry

ALL BABIES CRY! snapped Ebony and I, well I try not too said Ebony once again looking out over the city.

Come on, How about we go say goodbye to our son said Slade. Ebony nodded.


Slade Jr. was so young said Amber looking at his tiny grave He never got to face the real world said Amber looking at Baby Bray sadly In some way hes lucky said Amber, Ebony glared at her, Amber looked at her reassuringly. He will NEVER have to go through the life we are living and have been through said Amber EbonySlade? Say a few words said Amber, Ebony bit her lip and looked at Slade and shook her head. Slade smiled slightly and walked out to stand next to Amber.

Son, You where always there started Slade, He stared at the grave silently Always giggling, sometimes crying. You where like your mum and your gonna meet your grandparents said Slade getting confused Slade Jr. We love you so much and we wish youd never gone said Slade fighting back his tears along with half the other mallrats, Slade took a deep breath But you had too, cause if you hadnt. Youd have gone through so much pain. Slade Jr. be a good boy for daddy said Slade biting his lip. Ebony looked to the ground now crying, Trudy who was standing next to Ebony put her hand kindly on Ebonys shoulder EbonyEbony please whispered Slade. He walked off, crying. Ebony stepped forward. Her voice jumped from tears.

Slade Jr. Why did you have to go!? cried Ebony You where my son, Slade Jr. I just want to let you know something whispered Ebony, Siva stood her mouth covered. She cried. We Love You, And Well never EVER forget you said Ebony Goodbye son whispered Ebony, She threw a rose down on top of the freshly pu down compost. Ebony walked off after Slade.


Slade sat coldly on the end of Ebony and his bed, Ebony entered the room and stopped dead as she walked through the door. Slade stood up and walked over to her. Her lips started to tremble and suddenly she burst into tears.

Shhh whispered Slade, He grabbed her into his arms and hugged her close, gently stroking her braids.

Oh Slade why did he have to go, WHY!? whimpered Ebony into his shoulder, Slade bit his lip hard as one tear escaped his eye.


Ebony entered the café and suddenly the chatters grew quiet.

I am leaving! snapped Ebony Just let me get a drink then you can all start talking again sighed Ebony grabbing the orange jice off Ambers table.

Ebonyhow are you? asked Gel bravely. Ebony felt a surge of pity rage through her body.

Im not to good Gel, But eh..thanks for asking said Ebony finishing up pouring her orange juice.

And Slade? asked Gel, Ebony now felt a rush of jealousy.

Hes just the same as me Gel, A little more strong! Now are you after him or something? snapped Ebony, Gel shook her head nervously and went back to her baked beans Sorry said Ebony, She slammed down her glass nervously and left the café again.

Gel, Make them some dinner would you said Amber,

ME!? snapped Gel

Yes you Gel, Now would you hurry up and do stuff to help! said Amber angrily. Gel stood up angrily and began to arrange Ebony and Slade some dinner.


Ebony gently massages Slades tense shoulders. He smiled slightly as she stopped.

They asked me, well Gel asked me how we where said Ebony blankly I kinda snapped at her when she asked about you said Ebony.

Why? asked Slade, Ebony looked at him with puppy eyes.

Well now there isnt a baby to tie you down to me, is there? said Ebony

I cant believe youd even think that. Listen I practically came back from the dead for you! I didnt even know if youd had a baby! shouted Slade, Ebony shrugged. Slade gently stroked her cheek I love you Ebony said Slade, Ebony smiled slightly.

They kissed softly but not passionately. Gel walked in slyly and nervous, She layed down the two plates.

Thanks Gel smiled Slade making an effort, he jabbed Ebony roughly on the ribs.

Oh yeah thanks Gel Ebony said, She looked at Slade Oh and Sorry about snapping sighed Ebony, Slade looked happier as she had said all she needed to say.

Its okay, I understand. My mum lost a baby once smiled Gel.

Was it already alive? asked Ebony blankly, Gel shook her head.

Anyway. See you later smiled Gel leaving happily.

How can she be so happy? asked Ebony, Slade shrugged.

Shes not going through it, face to face sighed Slade passing Ebony over a plate.


Chapter 6:

Ebony blankly played with the food, It was her first time out the room for weeks and she still looked upset. Slade had come out just about 2 weeks later, trying desperately to be the stronger person. He tried to get on with life but always whenever he saw Ebony, he started thinking about Slade Jr.

Ebonyyou want some more toast? asked Mouse kindly.

Oh No thanks Mouse smiled Ebony, She stared down at her food again and began forking it. Ebony stood up and walked over to the cupboard.

No Ebony, Well get you some of it. Its run out said Trudy desperately.

Yeah its all gone! said Amber, Jay and Bray desperately. Ebony opened the cupboard and saw the baby food.

Wow, theres a lot of food for Baby Bray said Ebony blankly, She closed the cupboard and sat back down. Slade entered the café and looked at Ebony.

Hey Ebs said Slade pulling one of her braids gently.

Hey said Ebony smiling slightly. Slade knelt down slightly beside her Yes Ive had breakfast before you ask sighed Ebony, Slade smiled and kissed her cheek. Ebony groaned, She stood up quickly and walked out of the café. Slade punched the café table angrily. Siva looked at him kindly but worriedly. The mallrats stared at him.

Why wont she get better Siva? asked Slade innocently. Siva smiled reassuringly.


Ebony re-painted the band gently over her eyes and re-painted her flame. She gently touched up her lippy and smiled slyly. She got up in her new outfit and walked out the room.


Hey, Any lunch on the go? asked Ebony, The mallrats in the café looked very shocked Well? asked Ebony.

Were just serving it now Ebony smiled Gel,

Yeah, Just now smiled Mouse. Ebony smiled.

Great she said Anyone seen my man? asked Ebony looking around the café.

Yeah hes downstairs helping Ram, he should be up in a minute said Ruby still in shock.

Seriously, Youd think he was with Ram and not me sighed Ebony Oh well what you gonna do..Ruby dont dare go about and get any ideas smiled Ebony.

I wasnt mumbled Ruby. Ebony grabbed a roll happily and filled it with sliced chicken. Amber and Trudy looked confusedly at each other then at Ebony. Slade walked up the stairs lazily and entered the mall.

Straighten up Lazy, You look like a couch potatoe smiled Ebony as Slade sat down.

Ebony you okay? asked Slade confusedly. Ebony nodded and chucked him a roll.

Eat that quickly sighed Ebony. Slade did as he was told and carried on looking at Ebony strangly.

Oh Ebony by the way, You look great smiled Gel leaving the café.

Why thank you! smiled Ebony looking at what she was wearing.

Yeah you do smiled Slade gulping down his roll.

Really? Stand up! snapped Ebony, Slade stood up Now come on smiled Ebony, She grabbed Slades hand and pulled him out of the café happily.


Ebony what is wrong with you? asked Slade worriedly.

I need to get on with my life like you said, Now listen here Okay buddy! snapped Ebony We will never forget my son. Now I reckon that since he looks like me he has the personality of you okay? So basically He would have wanted us to be okay smield Ebony, Slade looked at her shocked. Okay you can go back and have a proper lunch, And eat slower you might get indigestion smiled Ebony, Slade looked at her confusedly.

Okay? smiled Slade nervously, Ebony put her hand around the back of his neck and brought him into a passionate kiss.

Now hurry up and Go! smiled Ebony. Slade nodded and headed back to the café. Ebony smiled. She dug into her pocket and pulled out a picture of Slade holding Slade Jr. and kissed it Just like how youd want it smiled Ebony quietly.


Chapter 7:

Ebony typed furiously on the computer and clicked print.

Is that important Ebony cause it waists a lot of computer ink said Jack.

Yes its important Jack, Stop worrying said Ebony, Jack sighed.


Slade sipped his coffe quietly as the mallrats sat randomly in the café.

SLADE! called Ebony diving into the café. Slade looked at her nervously as he saw her overly happy I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT! she shouted happily. She hugged Slade.

You found what? asked Slade, The mallrats looked on almost laughing.

A certain map to your sisters smiled Ebony holding up the piece of printed paper, Slade grabbed it. His mouth fell open happily. He stood up abruptly.

OH EBONY! shouted Slade happily, He hugged her I COULD KISS YOU smiled Slade, Mouse giggled.

Well why dont you? asked Mouse.

Yeah Slade, Why dont you? asked Ebony, Slade smiled and grabbed Ebony and kissed her passionately.

Okay Baby Boy, I think its time we left the café smiled Amber leaving.

Okay kids. Shows over laughed Trudy

Thats what you and Jay do, Except your both in bed giggled Brady, Jay grabbed Brady and walked away with her laughing. Ebony stopped kissing Slade and smiled and kissed him once again softly but quickly.

Thank you smiled Slade kissed Ebonys forehead.

Your welcome, Id do anything for you smiled Ebony. They kissed again. Ruby entered the café happily. She looked at Slade and Ebony, sighed and left the café.

Are you going to go and find his sisters? asked Bray, Ebony nodded.

Tomorrow at Dawn sighed Ebony, Bray handed her a mobile.

If you get in any trouble, Call us. We have another one. It the number Tribe I think smiled Bray, Ebony smiled and took the phone.

Thanks, We wont be away for that long smiled Slade, He put his arm around Ebonys waist and walked off to prepare with her.


Not to big a bag warned Ebony, Slade nodded and chucked what he needed at her.

Well just use one bag, yours smiled Slade. Ebony laughed and put his things in it.

Come on, Wed better get a good nights sleep before we head yawned Slade, Ebony nodded Oh Ebony, You forgot one thing said Slade. He through over a frame, Ebony looked at the picture inside it.

Yeah, He goes with us. Everywhere smiled Ebony fingering the picture of Slade Jr. Slade smiled as Ebony tucked the picure into the bag pocket.


Chapter 8:

Ebony groaned and sat up.

Hurry up smiled Slade chucking her, her jacket. Ebony got up and put on her jacket. She yawned then grabbed the bag, Slade took it off of her Ill take the bag, you write the note smiled Slade. Ebony scribbled down the note to remind the mallrats of their leaving and seeing them soon. She layed it gently in the café and headed off with Slade.

Ebony and Slade left the mall quickly, Slade jumped on his motorbike and Ebony jumped onto the back of it, She put her arms around his waist as he started up the bike. Ebony leant her head over his shoulder, She turned her head and kissed his cheek, He turned and smiled at her. She smiled and looked forward.

Lets go! smiled Slade, Ebony nodded as the motorbike drove off.


How long have we been riding for? asked Ebony biting a bit of her apple.

Around 2 hours, Why? asked Slade, Ebony shrugged. Slade looked at the printed off map that Ebony had gotten for him Looks like itll take 8 hours or so from here to get there sighed Slade But who knows, The signs arent really. Well signed smiled Slade, Ebony smiled and handed him and apple Thank yoU smiled Slade biting a chunck from it.

You seem hungry smiled Ebony, Slade looked at her and bit another chunck from his apple.

Depends what for smirked Slade, Ebony laughed and kissed him quickly That it? asked Slade, Ebony nodded.

Uh-huh, For now smiled Ebony Come on, Lets head off again said Ebony.


STOP! shouted EBny quickly, Slade sped to a stop.

WHAT!? asked Slade shouting but worried.

The phones going off laughed Ebony Hello? answered Ebony Oh Hey Siv smiled Ebony over the phone Yeah were fine, Slade reckons another 8 hours, We might get bak in a day or two smiled Ebony Yeah okay, Yeah do that. Bye smiled Ebony. She hung up There fine smiled Ebony.

Okay, Dont scare me like that again though smirked Slade, Ebony smiled.

Oh Sorry, didums laughed Ebony. She kissed him Lets go smiled Ebony. Slade started up again HANG ON! shouted Ebony, Slade turned off the motor again and rolled his eyes Look theres a quiet barn over there, Lets stay there for the night smiled Ebony. Slade nodded and drove over to it.

Mmm yeahnice said Slade in a mono-tone, Sarcastically. Ebony laughed and hit him playfully.

What where you expecting? 5 star luxury? asked Ebony smiling.

No but Im sure Ill get that from you flirted Slade. Ebony smiled and stuck out her tongue Why thank you smiled Slade, Ebony laughed and entered the barn first.

RAAA! shouted Ebony, Slade looked at her after having major shock Ha ha you jumped laughed Ebony, Slade laughed and hit her playfully. He grabbed her cheeks and brought her close. They kissed passionately.


Chapter 9:

Ebony groaned and rolled over, Slade smiled and played with a braid gently. Ebony yawned and woke up Wed better get a move on smiled Slade, Ebony nodded and smiled delicately. Slade got upquickly and Ebony followed.


Ready? asked Slade, Ebony nodded and the two got on the motorbike and headed off up a hill again.


Slade got off his motorbike and looked around, Ebony sat still one leg off the motorbike holding her steady.

I think we should stay on the bike said Ebony, Slade nodded and got back on and began to drive slowly around the city.


What did you say their Tribe was called again? asked Slade,

The Pheonixs said Ebony Ask someone! snapped Ebony. Slade stopped the bike and got off.

Hey, Wheres the Tribe called.The Pheonixs? asked Slade to a wee girl, The wee girl screamed and ran off Okay, Where would a really scary Tribe stay? asked Slade, Ebony shrugged Come on, You used to be in the Locos! snapped Slade.

Good Point, Probably a hotel. Loadsa room or a factory or a warehouse. Most likely at hotel smiled Ebony, Slade nodded and got back on the bike.


I guess this is it, from the direction that guy pointed in said Ebony. Slade got off the motorbike after Ebony and bit his lip.

Im gonna see my sisters he smiled, Ebony smiled and kissed his cheek.

Lets go see them then smiled Ebony, Slade smiled and took Ebonys hand. The two made there way up to the door Will we just go in? asked Ebony looking through the window and touching it with both her hands. Slade shrugged then pushed the door open. Slaed went first and Ebony followed. Suddenly all the lights went on, Bright. Slade was grabbed first and then Ebony, She began to fought back but was hit over the head with something.


Chapter 10:

Let Ebony go atleast Ada sighed Slade Shes with me snapped Slade.

Fine, Bring the girl out sighed Ada clicking her fingers. Slade stared at her angrily, Ada sighed Dont look at me like that Slade

Like what? asked Slade frowning angrily.

Like Ive just stripped you naked and put you on top of a building in the middle of the city said Ada smirking, Slade smirked.

Im your brother, or have you forgotten that? asked Slade, Ada sighed

Take off his cuffs said Ada, 2 guys grabbed him and pulled off his cuffs roughly. Slade groaned and put his hand around his wrists as a soft comfort to the pain, Ada smirked as the door opened Theres your girl smirked Ada as 2 of the men dropped and unconscious Ebony to the ground.

What is wrong with her!? snapped Slade running over to Ebony.

What does it look like dummy smirked a guy, Slade frowned angrily.

Now would you rather she was in a nice comfortable bed or stay lying next to you on this grotty floor? asked Ada, Slade sighed and let go of Ebony Well let you see her smiled Ada showing a bit of heart.

Wheres Eva and Brea? asked Slade, Ada smiled as the rest of her guards left and she and Slade where left alone.

There safe smiled Ada, Slade stood up Im sorry. My guards didnt know I have a brother. It was self-protection smiled Ada, Slade nodded understandingly but still annoyed I missed you so much Slade said Ada, She ran and hugged Slade.

Same, Youve missed so much sighed Slade hugging her back.

Like Josh, how is he? asked Ada, Slade sighed and let go of her. He avoided eye contact Whats wrong? asked Ada.

Hes dead, he died sighed Slade, Ada looked shocked. She sat down quickly and looked up at Slade, her eyes began to well up and he hugged her again as she burst into tears.


Slade stroked Ebonys braids as she groaned, Her eyes began to blink until they where open Slade? croaked Ebony, Slade smiled.

Yeah its me said Slade You got hit on the head but your okay smiled Slade.

Yeah I know, I can remember said Ebony coughing. She sat up in the bed gently.

It was my sisters guards said Slade, Ebony realized he looked upset.

Whats wrong? asked Ebony, She gently stroked his cheek.

Shes the co-leader of the most powerful tribe in this city, Shes like our cities Locos except not quite as bad sighed Slade, Ebony smiled.

We wherent always that bad, it was Zoot and his little minions smiled Ebony, Slade nodded But you just cant imagine your sisters being in such a powerful tribe? asked Ebony,

Yeah. Its hard to believe sighed Slade, Ebony smiled and kissed his cheek gently. A knock came to the door and Ada walked in.

Im Ada, One of Slades sisters smiled Ada holding out her hand, Ebony shook it.

Im.. Ada interrupted Ebony.

Ebony, I know Slade told me smiled Ada Now Slade you ready to See your sisters? asked Ada looking at Slade, He nodded. Ebony got up gently Your coming too? asked Ada confusedly, Slade nodded.

Shes practically family smirked Slade, Ebony smiled and followed Ada and with Slade.

Excited? asked Ebony, Slade smiled and shrugged.

I dunno yet smiled Slade, Ebony smiled and gently slipped her hand in his.


Ada stood at the large door, Ebony could hear Slades heart beat grow faster as Ada turned the door handle.

Here we go gulped Slade, Ebony smiled and squeezed his hand reassuringly.

They entered a large corridor, Ada called on Brea and Eva. Footsteps where heard and Ada flicked on the light. One door opened and then another. Slade abruptly let go of Ebonys hand and Ebony stepped back.

Eva slightly younger than Ada who was about Ebony and Ambers age, Brea Mouses age so Eva was about Gels age slightly older. Eva smiled happily as Brea screamed and ran right into Slades arms.

hey kiddo smiled Slade hugging Brea so tight, A tear dripped from Evas face as she made her ay up to Slade with a huge smile. Slade put down Brea Hey smiled Slade, Eva smiled.

SLADE! screamed Eva happily, She dived into Slades arms and hugged him gently but close. Ebony smiled. Brea ran up.

Ooo are you Slades? asked Brea, Ebony frowned Are you Slades girlfriend? asked Brea, Ebony smiled and nodded Aww youre a pretty one smiled Brea, Ebony smiled as Brea took Ebonys hand and brought her forward.

Oh yeah Eva, Brea this is Ebony smiled Slade, Ebony smiled kindly. Ada groaned.

Come on Im starving sighed Ada And I need a drink Slade sighed and followed Ada and the others.


Chapter 11:

Will you come back with us? asked Ebony suddenly, Slade looked at Ebony a little shocked, Camy(The main Leader) laughed and looked at Ada. Ada looked confused she sighed.

You wouldnt go would you? asked Camy a little annoyed and adgitated, Ada shrugged Brea and Eva can go but Ada you cant said Camy.

Hes my brother Cameron said Ada sternly but upsettedly You could come

I amnt family said Camy, And call me Camy! NOT CAMERON! snapped Camy.

Fine, Ill come Slade with Brea said Eva, Slade smiled then looked at Ada.

He can come you know said Slade, Ada nodded.

Well come. For a while smiled Ada Okay Camy smirked Ada, Camy nodded.

Are you sure I can come? asked Camy, Slade and Ebony nodded Fine. Well head back tonight. In the car said Camy,

What about my bike? asked Slade.

You still have that rotten thing? Well take the van you can put your bike in the back sighed Ada.

One it isnt rotten and two how many vehicles do you have? asked Slade

Just 2, The Van for getting food and stuff and the car for.patrols smiled Ada.

Tonight? asked Brea, Camy nodded.

This is the best time to leave Brea smiled Ada.

Why? asked Ebony,

The citys in ruins sighed Camy.

Well should you not stay and fix it? asked Ebony, Camy and Ada shook their heads.

The citys in ruins because of The Pheonixs. We stopped the rationing for a while then started it up again. Its in chaos explained Ada,

Oh said Ebony and Slade in unison.


Ebony leant her head gently on Slades shoulder and yawned. He smiled as the truck clattered off the ground but carried on driving fast along the long and winding road.

Its a horrible road whispered Brea quietly.

You still get road sick then? asked Slade putting his arm around his little sister.

Yeah, She always has and always will smiled Eva, Slade smiled as Brea closed her eyes gently and bit her lip.

She still does the bitey lip thing as well laughed Slade, Eva nodded and laughed as did Ada discreetly You with Camy, Ada? asked Slade, Ada smiled and nodded as Eva wriggled and lay down and closed her eyes. Ebonys mouth fell open as she slept silently. Slade smiled aslightly and stroked her braids.

You in love with him? asked Slade.

I think so, You in love with her? asked Ada,

Ebony, Yes. I know so smiled Slade, Ada smiled.

Im happy for you smiled Ada, Slade smiled kindly we should try and get some rest sighed Ada, She lay down gently and Slade lay his head against the wall of the van. He closed his eyes and was over come by darkness as sleep fell on him immediately.


Chapter 12:

Ebony srtoked Slades head as he leant fast asleep against her shoulder. She smiled and kissed his forehead and carried on stroking his hair. Eva groaned and sat up.

He always says really nice stuff said Eva randomly, Ebony smiled and nodded Whats the nicest thing hes ever said to you? asked Eva, Ebony looked thoughtful.

Loadsa stuff, I can always remember when he said something like You dont have to fight the world on your own you know? That was dead sweet smiled Ebony.

That is rather cute. Im glad he found love with someone like you smiled Eva.

Thank you smiled Ebony, Eva smiled.

Your welcome Yawned Eva Ill try and get some more sleep in sighed Eva, Ebony nodded and closed her eyes.


So this is home? asked Eva, Ebony nodded and headed into the mall leading the others.

HELLO! smiled Siva hugging Ebony, Ebony smiled as the rest of the mallrats gathered around Ada, Eva, Brea and Camy.

Everyone the girls are Slades sisters, This ones Ada smiled Ebony pointing to Ada who waved shyly Thats Eva said Ebony pointing at Eva who was smiling away and this little ones Brea smiled Ebony as Brea stood holding Ebonys hand and smiling.

Hey welcomed the mallrats happily. Lottie and Mouse stepped forward.

You wanna come and see our room? they asked Brea kindly, Brea nodded and followed them up the stairs.

Hey smiled Amber greeting, Eva, Ada and Camy with a hand shake.


Brea groaned and rolled over, She got up quietly and wandered around the large mall.


Slade stared up at the sealing as Ebony slept silently next to him. He loved her so much and he was so happy to have her. He knew things could never have worked out so good if it wasnt for Mega. Mega who he had to meet. Mega who he got Ebony to join him to meet. Mega who brought him and Ebony togetherSlades thoughts where interrupted by Brea looking in the door way. Slade yawned and sat up.

Is that you Brea? yawned Slade, Brea nodded shyly.

I cant sleep whispered Brea, Slade outstretched his arms and Brea crawled into them Can I sleep in your bed? asked Brea innocently, Slade nodded tiredly and lifted the duvet cover in between him and Ebony, Brea crawled in and snuggled up.

You okay now? asked Slade yawning and lying back down, Brea nodded and snuggled up to Slade.and Ebony.


OH! said Ebony loudly, Brea groaned and rolled over Oh good grief said Ebony touching her chest I got a heart attack there yawned Ebony getting up, Slade laughed quietly and got up.

We should just leave her to sleep, She couldnt last night so she joined us smiled Slade, Ebony laughed and put on her boots.

Aww, Shes cute when she sleeps smiled Ebony, Slade nodded.

Except when she was a baby said Slade, Ebony laughed slightly and the two made their way into the café.


Chapter 13:

Wheres Brea? asked Ada yawning, Amber looked at Ebony.

In our room sighed Slade yawning as well. Amber yawned and drank her orange juice Amber you okay? asked Slade, Amber nodded and yawned again.

Baby Bray never seems to want to sleep anymore sighed Amber, Ebony smiled. Bray appeared in the café holding Baby Bray close to his chest The bottles over there smiled Amber, Bray smiled and nodded.

Daddys going to get your bottle, Yes he is smiled Bray touching Baby Brays nose. Ebony watched on and smiled, Slade sighed and slipped his hand reassuringly on her knee. She sighed and stood up.

I need a shower sighed Ebony, See you all later she smiled and left. Amber realized what she had said as did Bray.

Oh Im sorry said Amber kindly.

Yeah sorry mate sighed Bray, Slade shrugged.

Its okay.sometimes said Slade reassuringly, Amber and Bray smiled as he followed Ebony. They looked at each other worriedly.


You okay? whispered Slade, Ebony smiled and nodded. They both looked at Brea sleeping sound and smiled.

Shes dead cute smiled Ebony, She stood up next to Slade must get it off her brother smirked Ebony, Slade smiled and kissed her gently. Brea groaned and woke up and smiled Breakfast is in the café for you, you know where it is? asked Ebony, Brea nodded and ran through to the café.

What you doing today? asked Slade, Ebony shrugged.

Re-uniting with Java and Siva again. Ive not really spent quality time with them sighed Ebony, Slade smiled and kissed her forehead See you later smiled Ebony vaguely. She left the room.


Why is there a picture of you and Ebony holding a baby? asked Brea urgently. Slade spat out the rest of the orange juice in his mouth back into the cup.

Ermthats a long story stuttered Slade, Ada sat down next to Brea.

Well please DO tell us sighed Ada. Amber looked at the about to start family feud and stepped in.

Its not a very HAPPY story for the café sighed Slade.

We know it anyway Slade okay? smiled Amber, She sat down next him with a cup of tea.

Me and Ebony..we had a son sighed Slade He died explained Slade, Brea looked shocked as did Ada Happy Ada? snapped Slade, Ada shrugged. Amber got up slowly and headed to the fridge.

Were running low on food supplies sighed Amber Slade can you go with Lex and get some? asked Amber.

Yeah sure, can you tell Ebony where I am when she gets back? asked Slade, Amber smiled and nodded. Slade left the café as Amber sat across from Brea and Ada.

That was a bit of a touchy subject you.touched on sighed Amber, Brea nodded.

I know..Im a bit stupid sighed Ada Ill make it up to him smiled Ada.

How? asked Amber laughing, Ada shrugged and smiled.


Lex picked up the empty bag and followed Slade out of the mall,

I dont get why your so angry at your sister sighed Lex. Slade dug in his pocket.

One, Brea went scurrying around my room and found this Slade held out the picture of Slade Jr., Him and Ebony Two, Ada had no idea and asked sighed Slade.

Sorry man, you still touchy on it then? asked Lex, Slade nodded.

Ebony turned around the wall corner kicking a can back to the mall.

HELLOOO!? smiled Slade, Ebony looked up and smiled.

Hey, where are you two off to? asked Ebony walking up so Slade and hugging him.

Food hunting smiled Lex, Ebony nodded.

Do have fun smiled Ebony See you later sighed Ebony, Slade smiled as she headed into the mall.

You two still going strong smiled Lex, Slade nodded You know something, Your good for her smiled Lex.

Am I? Good laughed Slade Come on, We better get this food quick smiled Slade.


Chapter 14:

So why are we having a party sorry? asked Ada

Well because Brea and Eva are joining smiled Tai-San and Siva finally setting their differences aside.

Is that why Slade and Lex are out to get extra food? asked Ebony, Amber nodded.

Plus we still havent really had a party for Bray, Tai-San and the others that returned explained Amber And they returned ages ago smiled Amber.

Lex and Slade re-entered the mall.

WE GOT THE FOOD! called Lex loudly, They made their way up the stairs.

Okay good, Will we start preparing it? asked Salene, Amber shook her head.

Give it an hour then, Well start smiled Amber, Salene nodded as Slade and Lex put down the bags of food.


You helping the girls make the food? asked Slade,

Yeah Sivas making me make the cake with her groaned Ebony Are you gonna change for the party? asked Ebony looking in Slades wardrobe, He shrugged.

Maybe, Maybe not. Are you? asked Slade.

Yeah smiled Ebony After Ive made the cake of course

Ooooo Tight leathers, I like that. That makes a change smirked Slade, Ebony laughed and through her book at him playfully.

Ebony come on! smiled Siva entering the room.

Wish me luck laughed Ebony leaving the room, Siva looked back in the room quickly.

Its me thats gonna need to the luck laughed Siva, Slade laughed and Ebony hit her sister playfully.


Where did you get all this beer? asked Slade looking at the tons of it.

The farm and stuff plus I traded explained Lex,

Nothing dodgy I would hope Lex smirked Ram, Lex smirked.

Oh no Ram, Never laughed Slade. The guys laughed.


Ebony gently tossed in the flour and began to mix quickly.

Oh Ebony you look like a pro smirked May, Ebony rolled her eyes and smiled.

She is laughed Siva She one best cook from our school smiled Siva, Ebony looked shocked.

Sivi! begged Ebony, Siva continued to spill Ebonys guts Oh thank you my beloved sister smirked Ebony. Siva laughed. The girls laughed happily along with one another.


Oooo Slade your looking yummy smiled Siva entering Ebony and Slades room, Slade smiled and blushed Im looing for Ebonys shoes smiled Siva looking under the bed.

Why? asked Slade, Siva smiled.

Shes getting changed in my room..give you a little surprise smiled Siva, Slade nodded and smirked.

She looking nice? asked Slade, Siva shrugged.

Youll have to wait and see smirked Siva, She grabbed Ebonys shoes and left the room. Slade smirked and looked into the mirror again.


Aww Ebony you look..prettiful smiled Mouse, Ebonys smile became wide.

Hey, Thats my word! smiled Ebony, Mouse giggled. Ebony sat down happily next to the other dressed up girls.

You do, You look lovely smiled Java making an effort. Ebony smiled and looked at what she was wearing. It was just another red corset with a leather skirt with different layers. Siva had said it was slimming but it wasnt that nice.

Thanks smiled Ebony kindly.


The guys walked down the mall stairs slowly, Most of them looked pretty hot as they had all changed. Slade smiled kindly as he saw Ebony, Ebony smiled up at him as the music started.


Chapter 15:

Ebony danced slowly with Slade.

Nice smiled Ebony smelling Slade, Slade laughed quietly and shrugged Dont tell me, You found it sighed Ebony. Slade nodded.

How did you know that? asked Slade laughing.

Cause you ALWAYS find things laughed Ebony, The song ended and Ebony looked over at the lonely Siva Im gonna dance with the girls for a bit okay? asked Ebony, Slade looked over at Siva and nodded and smiled.


Ebony laughed with the girls and danced with them all and her sisters.

She smiled happily.

She hasnt even drunk anything laughed Slade, Lex laughed and gulped down some more beer Okay Ive had enough, Im off to claim her away from the girls smirked Slade, he stood up and headed over to Ebony.


Can I have another dance or are you gonna leave me for the rest of the night? asked Slade, Ebony smiled and danced happily with him Here you not think Rams looking lonely since Siva and Java are dancing together? asked Slade, Ebony sighed and shook her head Oh go on Ebony. Please smiled Slade. Ebony sighed and walked over to Java asking her first. She smiled, nodded then continued to dance with Siva.

Hey Ram, You wanna dance? asked Ebony happily.

Really? asked Ram, Ebony nodded ehokay smiled Ram genuinely pleased.


Ruby staggered drunkenly over to Slade and smirked.

Dance? asked Ruby, Slade shrugged and got up and began to dance with her. Ruby became all over Slade happily. Slade looked uncomfortable as a slow song began and she wrapped her arms around him and began to dance.


Ebony looked on, She felt her blood temperature rise and she could feel jealousy taking over.

Ebony began to storm out of the main area of the mall.


Slade saw Ebonys eyes, She was angry and upset. He watched as she ran out of the dancing area in the mall. He gave Ruby over to Ram and ran after Ebony.


EBONY WAIT called Slade grabbing Ebonys arm and turning her around to face him, Ebonys face glared at him almost purple with angry.

WHAT!? snapped Ebony angrily, She visciously freed her arm.

Its not what you think!? said Slade depseratly.

Really?! snapped Ebony touching her head with the stress.

YES! Rubys IS WAY TO DRUNK! shouted Slade now extremely desperate. Amber walked out of her room where Slade and Ebony where fighting.

Hey, Sorry but can you move along a bit. Baby Bray cant sleep said Amber looking a bit nervous. Slade pulled Ebony along a bit then glared at her. Ebony looked away from his glare, He gently touched her cheek and turned her to face him.

Why are you so scared!? asked Slade looking into her eyes. Ebony moved her face away from his hand.

Scared of WHAT!? asked Ebony angrily.

Scared to show how you really feel said Slade quietly, Ebony touched her head again. She sighed abruptly.

You wanna know how I feel!? snapped Ebony.

Yes said Slade comfortingly.

I feel stuck in the middle of how YOU feel! snapped Ebony.

Of how I feel!!? said Slade shocked.

YES! What if I told you.tomorrow I was pregnant again. Would you decide your joy ride was over and go to Ruby!? said Ebony Well!? asked Ebony getting angrier.

No because Slade was interrupted.

BECAUSE WHAT!? shouted Ebony.

BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! shouted Slade AND YOU KNOW THAT! I DIDNT KNOW RUBY WAS SO DRUNK!! shouted Slade I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW AND IF YOU THINK THAT.. Slade was interrupted by Ebony grabbing him and kissing him passionately. Slade smiled as they moved away.

Im pregnant again whispered Ebony kissing him softly. Slade looked shocked. He smiled happily and hugged her.

Lets go and finish off the party then! smiled Slade. They kissed Passionatly.




Expect the Sequel VERY soon :D