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"You don't have to fight the world on your own you know...."

Here's the first EVER site dedicated to the couple Slade and Ebony! Their 'proper' relationship started in episode 20 of this series, series 5 and now that series 5 has ended it seems as though that Slade and Ebony may come out to stay together and on top after all. Slade and EBony seem happy enough when there leaving on the boat together and with the mallrats, who knows what series 6 will bring....

La La La! Well I'm loisrainbow1 from the Tribe UBB you may know my other sites including 100% Jebony the very first Jebonism site ;)
Okay so I'm hoping this site will be good and not only be about Slade and Ebony but Matt and Meryl, yeah?
Anyway if you have any comments, suggestions etc e-mail me



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Here's the updates just there:
20/6/2003-Just started making the site(officially)
26/7/2003 - Just saw Episode 20 and it was like WOAH! so I got inspiration to finish this site cause Slade and Ebony where like, TOTALLY GETTING IT TOGETHER!
6/8/2003 - Okay added Trillions more pictures and updated Slebony profile! I will do the next absolutely MAJOR update after The Tribe series 5 when all pictures etc are up of Slebony and we know more about Slebony's future!
24/9/2003 - Whooo! Rest of the Series 5 pictures up, There will be a new gallery up soon with pictures of Matt and Meryl together on tour and behind the scenes and stuff! Plus I've just down the odd random updates. If there's anything I've missed out give me a contact! PLus have a look at the Quotes Page!!
26/9/2003 - Check the Fan-Fic page!!

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